Green Diet

Allowed foods

It is possible to drink green tea without sugar. There are fruits and vegetables green. In addition to a fresh option you can stewed and steamed products. After one day, the diet is allowed to eat a small portion of protein food. Even during this diet, yoga is recommended.

Green Diet: menu

Below you can check out the sample diet menu for one day.

For breakfast, boil porridge on water (oatmeal or buckwheat). Honey and green apple can be added to it.

For a second breakfast, drink a glass of kefir or yogurt, eat one kiwi or a green apple.

For lunch, prepare a portion of vegetable salad (naturally from green vegetables), you can drink a glass of juice and eat one egg.

For dinner, put out vegetables with a slice of low-fat fish.

Tasty and healthy asparagus can act as snacks. Dine three hours before bedtime.

Green diet is a good way to lose weight, in addition, the body will become saturated with vitamins in three days. The amount of green products is unlimited, and purees and juices can be prepared from them. There is also a white and green diet option, then white products should be added to green products. On such a diet you can sit for a week, for it you will discount up to five kilograms.

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