Diet table #5

Indications for the organization of table №5

Diet №5 – is one of the treatment tables prescribed for diseases of the liver, biliary tract, gallbladder. The task of the diet is to stimulate the biliary process when the patient is fully fed. Nutrition according to this diet leads to accumulation of glycogen in the liver, by increasing the content of this substance, fat metabolism in the body and cholesterol withdrawal are normalized, provided by stable work of the GI tract.

Usually the basis for the application of diet №5 is the recovery periods after exacerbations of hepatitis and cholecystitis, as well as biliary disease, chronic gastritis and chronic colitis outside periods of aggravation.

Constant adherence to the rules of this nutrition system allows to normalize the condition of sick organs, remove aggravation, avoid repetition attacks.

Features of diet №5

In the basis of diet foods with standard protein and carbohydrate content and reduced fat content. The food regime is fractional: meals five to six times a day in small portions. Food should be heated, but not hot.

Diet №5 assumes the following diet:

– rye and wheat varieties of bread, excluding any slaughter. Consumption of dry biscuits, as well as ovens;
– abundance of soups on non-fat meat, but better than vegetarian vegetable or fruit;
– non-oily fish steamed or baked without oily oils
– Non-fat meat: poultry, rabbit, chicken meat and meat dishes must be steamed or baked, no use of seasonings, including peppers;
– Dairy products should be presented in the form of kefir, biphilin, low-fat curd, soft cheeses;
– the abundance of vegetables, especially in pasteed or stewed form, cabbage and onions can be consumed only cooked
– cereals: buckwheat, oatmeal, rice
– limited cooked pasta
– not more than one cooked egg per day
– limited (due to the abundance of acids) fresh Fruit;
– drinking in the form of compotes, morses, decoctions of bran, rosehip berries and others;
– it is advisable to refuse sauces, but if desired it is possible to eat sour cream or milk grains.

Thus, from the diet are excluded: bakery products, mushroom, meat or fish broths, all types of fish except boiled, fatty varieties of meat, smoked meat, sausage products, fatty dairy products, legumes, a range of fruits, vegetables, spices, coffee and alcoholic beverages.

In fact, diet No. 5 is a healthy diet that you have to hear about so often, which means that you can eat in accordance with the rules of this diet very long time.

The menu chosen according to the requirements of the diet table can be not only useful, but also delicious, without imposing critical limitations on the possibilities consumption of certain foodstuffs.

In addition to the obvious medical benefits of nutrition according to diet #5, there are also side effects such as weight normalization, removal of fatigue syndrome, improvement of skin and hair condition, general improving wellbeing.

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