Derinat: Application Instruction

Of course, “Derinate” cannot be called a panacea for all diseases, but its range of application is extremely wide. It can be used for both adults and newborn children. The drug has almost no contraindications. And most importantly, he does not fight the disease itself, he forces the body to fight it. Helps protect against infection.

“ Derinate” is produced in several medicinal forms:
– solution in vials
– 0.25% – solution in vials – droplets – 0.25%
– solution for injection – 1.5%. For intramuscular administration.

The scope of application

The spectrum of diseases in which “Derinate” is used is extensive. These

are: – treatment and prevention of viral infections
– rhinitis

hymoritis – trophic ulcers – non-healing wounds in diabetes mellitus
– gangrene
– frostbite and burns;
– hemorrhoids;
– inflammatory diseases of the oral cavity (stomatitis, etc.)
– inflammatory diseases in ophthalmology;
– chronic inflammatory diseases, bacterial and fungal, mucous in gynecology;
– endometriosis, fibroids, endometritis;
– prostatitis;
– Rheumatoid arthritis
– preoperative and post-operative periods
– pulmonary tuberculosis, inflammatory diseases of the respiratory tract.

Methods and doses of use


As a prevention of influenza, “Derinat” is dripped three times a day in each nostril of two to three drops.

For such purposes, a special form of bottle with built-in pipette is created. It’s very convenient.

If a cold or flu starts, you need to inject the solution into each nostril, from three to five drops, and repeat this procedure at least six times, with intervals in one or a half hour during the first day. Then dig 2-3 drops three or four times a day. Course of treatment from 5 days to 1 month.

In diseases such as gaimoritis, sinusitis or frontitis, turundocks are made of cotton wool, wetted them in a solution of “Derinata” and inserted into the nostrils for a while. The procedure is performed once every six hours.

In the case of ophthalmic diseases, two drops of “Derinata” drip into each eye in the morning, lunch and evening. Treatment is carried out for two to six weeks, depending on wellbeing.

To treat inflammation of the oral cavity, irrigation is performed every six hours. At the same time one bottle is spent for 2-3 rinses. Course duration 5-10 days.

In case of wounds and external lesions “Derinat” is used in the form of pouches on sick places 3-4 times a day. Course duration 1-1.5 months.

For the treatment of hemorrhoids are made microenema (15-40 ml once a day, for 4-10 days) with solution “Derinata”, and for lesions of the vagina mucosa apply cotton balls dipped in solution “Derinata” (5 ml per procedure, once – twice a day). Treatment course up to one and a half weeks.

When prescribing “Derinate” as injections, the interval between administration can be up to three days. This is due to the fact that the drug accumulates in the body’s tissues.

In no case do not agree to intravenous injections of “Derinata” — this is forbidden.

Injections should be carried out by a professional nurse. The injections can be somewhat painful, so administration of the drug should be slow for one to two minutes. Before administration, the ampoule should be warmed in the hand. If there is an infestation of chlamydia, staphylococci, esherichia, or chelibacteria, the injection of “Derinata” intramuscularly or subcutaneously will direct the body’s phagocytes to fight them.

Special instructions


Pregnant women and during breastfeeding, use of “Derinata” in the form of injections is strictly prohibited. This is practically the only contraindication in this drug.

But there is also good news. “Derinat” for outdoor and local use to pregnant women can be used. Namely this form protects us from viruses, acute respiratory diseases and other seasonal muck. Despite the fact that, the drug has almost no contraindications, and cases of overdose have not been observed, it is necessary to consult a doctor before treatment, read an annotation describing of the drug and instructions for use.

Prices in pharmacies of Ukraine
Solution for injections 15 mg/5 ml fl. 5 ml, â„–5 – 550.00 UAH.

Solution for external use in vials — 115.00 UAH

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