Causes and symptoms of human papillomavirus;

Causes of papilles’ appearance

The virus is transmitted from person to person through intimate and domestic contacts depending on the type of infection. Men and women of all social backgrounds and ages can become ill.

The disease penetrates the deep layers of the skin, matures there for a while, then comes to the surface in the form of papillas. It is from this time that a person can infect others.

Despite the fact that millions of people are carriers of the virus according to WHO, only a few of them form sprouts, as healthy immunity is is able to control the situation and prevent the development of the disease.

Facial, hands, mouth, pharynx, vocal cords, intimate areas and many others can become places of papillae. If papilloma was formed in the cervical region, it could be a favorable backdrop for cancer development.

Symptoms of human papillomavirus

In most cases, the disease proceeds completely asymptomatic, on external signs it is impossible to determine. In this case, the appointment of treatment is not required, as the presence of the virus does not yet indicate the disease.

If immunity is weakened by other diseases or stressful situations, then papillomavas begin to grow. They are growths of pinkish or bodily color 0.3 to 1 centimeter in diameter. They do not hurt or flake, but can cause inconvenience when rubbing against the fabric of clothing or other parts of the body.

Feeling of pain and burning is possible only in case of papillas on the genitals and crotch. Then there are unpleasant secretions and bleeding, pain at penetration and even from touch.

Depending on the state of the immune system, the growths can grow up and disappear on their own without treatment.

Treatment with papillas

No need to try to scratch, cut, burn or tear out your warts or papilloma, it will only hurt you, but will not get rid of infection. Better seek the help of a dermatologist doctor, he will help to get rid of existing growths and prevent them from spreading.

The occurrence of papillas is often associated with other problems in the body, such as gastritis, metabolic disorders, colitis, kidney or liver disease, and by many others.

Removal by papillas is done using a laser, liquid nitrogen or radio scalpel. There are also homemade methods: pure juice, dandelion milk, castor oil, spindle alcohol. These liquids rub into the growths until they completely disappear.

The best means of preventing the reappearance of papillas is to maintain high levels of immunity and lack of stressful situations. Limiting contacts may not lead to the desired results, as it is often impossible to determine by appearance a person is sick or not, and it is possible to get infected not only through sexual contact or touch, but also in places such as swimming pool, beach, sauna, public toilet.

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