Can HIV be cured

Methodology of therapeutic therapy

Despite the fact that this disease got its name back in the eighties of the last century, a medicine capable of not leaving it and trail until invented. Infecting HIV subsequently leads to death from any infection that a healthy body will easily overcome. The chances of slowing the course of disease are It is necessary to preserve the disease in the stage of HIV infection for a long time. During this period, the infected person may not feel disturbing symptoms. Prior to the development of a critical stage, the virus lives in the body for about five to eleven years. It is necessary to adhere to the doctors’ recommended treatment process aimed at further delaying this point.

Currently, the fight against HIV is to provide highly active antiretroviral therapy (WAART). With its help, it is possible to keep the sick the existence for many years — there are cases where the life expectancy of infected people was about forty years. The significant disadvantage of WAART is the high cost of its constituent drugs. Free therapy is provided for citizens registered in the appropriate medical institutions, but waiting times for medicines can be so prolonged that the disease will be in full time measure to prove yourself.

Immunity-impaired individuals are important to carefully monitor wellbeing, avoid drafts and colds, lead a healthy lifestyle, maintain a proper sleep regime and limit eating harmful foods. All of these methods together produce a decent result, but completely cure the person they are not able to.

The HIV virus is prone to mutation, it adjusts expertly to medication, depriving them of the ability to keep the infection from spreading further through the body. Facts were recorded when the human genotype was immune to the disease, but such cases were exceptional.

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other problems associated with a bad condition, HIV infection imposes an imprint on the social significance of the patient and on his personal relationships. And yet, you can live with it. Many are panically afraid of contracting HIV, although there are many deadly diseases that people are not ashamed of. It is both a transient type of leukemia, and a tropical fever, and even diabetes in its severe form of current. Do not excessively feel sorry for yourself and perceive as a person without a future. Many opportunities are now open for AIDS patients, including child planning.

Of course, the life of the sick person is subject to a number of changes, but with an adequate approach to treatment, responsible attendance of routine medical examinations, it is possible to ensure a decent level of existence. Who knows, perhaps, during your fight with the disease, a cure that can overcome it, will be found, because modern medicine always strives for new discoveries aimed at saving people.

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