Bactisubtil: Application Instruction

Indications for the use of bactisubtile

Bactisubtil contains bacteria spores that after taking the drug enter the stomach, maintaining viability in an acidic environment. Their development takes place in the gut. Bacteria begin to secrete enzymes that improve the cleavage of proteins, fats and carbohydrates. As a consequence, rotting of the intestinal contents and symptoms of this negative process are eliminated.

Bactisubtil is prescribed in acute and chronic diarrhea, in dysbacteriosis (impairment of the composition of intestinal microflora), enterocolitis and enteritis. It is also taken for prevention and during the treatment of functional disorders of the bowel caused by chemotherapy.

Bactisubtil has the ability to restore synthesis in the gut of vitamins P and B groups.

Instructions for the use of bactisubtile

Baktisubtil are sold as capsules. One capsule contains 35 mg of Bactillus cereus bacterium powder or 1 billion germ spores. Bactisubtil is prescribed to adults and children 1 capsule 4-6 times a day one hour before meals. Children up to three years are given 3-4 capsules per day. For children, the drug is used only after a doctor’s consultation.

The optimal age of children, who are recommended the drug, is over 7 years old. In all other cases, when prescribing the drug, the doctor takes into account the severity of the disease or functional impairment of the bowel and selects the dosage according to the weight of the child, $ peculiarities of its general development and predisposition to allergies.

Young children and adults who have difficulty swallowing capsules are given the following way: open the capsule and pour its contents into a small amount of juice, milk or water. For newborns, the contents of capsules are mixed with breast milk. You can’t fill bactisubtil with hot drinks.

It is not recommended to use bactisubtile simultaneously with alcohol.

Contraindications and side effects


Bactisubtil can be taken simultaneously with antibiotics and sulfanylamide drugs. This drug is prescribed during pregnancy (at any time) and during lactation, as it does not penetrate the placenta and breast milk. If diarrhea does not stop within the first days after taking the drug, treatment with bactisubtile should be stopped and consulted with the doctor.

The drug is well tolerated by sufferers and does not cause a side effect. However, sometimes it is possible to develop allergic reactions of the organism. Contraindication to the prescribing of the drug: hypersensitivity to the components of bactisubtile.

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