Arterial hypertension: causes, symptoms, treatment

Why hypertension develops

There are several risk factors in which hypertension develops:

  •  overweight;
  •  smoking;
  •  increased food salt content;
  •  disturbed cholesterol metabolism;
  •  alcohol;
  •  potassium deficiency in the body
  • ;

  •  hereditary factor.

How arterial hypertension arterial hypertension manifests

itself into 3 stages.

  1.  The light degree at which blood pressure does not rise above 149 mm Hg.
  2.  Moderate hypertension when diastolic pressure does not exceed 179 mmHg.
  3.  Severe degree — blood pressure above 180 mmHg.

In the first stage, hypertensive curses happen very rarely. There is no change on the part of organs.

In the second stage, hypertensive curses occur more often. The examination shows renal lesions and cardiac muscle augmentation.

In the third stage there is a dramatic increase in blood pressure, which is accompanied by renal and heart failure.

Treatment of arterial hypertension

Arterial hypertension is treated only by a doctor. Do not self-medicate. But it is possible to help the doctor fight the disease. To do this, don’t eat large amounts of salt, move more, dump excess weight, quit smoking and don’t abuse alcohol.

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