10 Weirdest Diets

Wine diet

It is believed that the wine diet was invented in the 11th century by Wilhelm the Conqueror after once being unable to climb on its own due to his huge belly on a horse. The essence of the royal technique is quite simple – excess fat needs to be washed out of the body, and since water is a drink of commoners, it should be washed out with wine. That same Wilhelm diet clotted. During the war with Normandy, in which the tipsy king decided to take part personally, the monarch’s horse fell and William himself died.

Alcoholic diet and today is popular with young people. Full-fledged lunches and dinners of young men and girls are replaced by cocktails in bars. Excess weight really goes away, however, such a diet regime affects detrimental.

Eat cotton wool

Another unusual way of losing weight is eating cotton wool before the main meal. And it is not about a sweet treat on a stick, so popular with children. Supporters of this technique believe that cotton wool gives the body fiber, and also fills the stomach, because of which there is much less want.

Glists are human friends

The technique of using glists for weight loss is quite old. He wanted to acquire a hornet waist ingested the eggs of tapeworms, which subsequently developed in his stomach. The parasite, indeed, reduced appetite and prevented normal absorption of food, but along with it caused constipation, abdominal pain, nausea, and in neglected cases, internal hemorrhage and dementia.

Back to childhood


rather unusual diet is popular in Hollywood. According to her, a person’s daily diet should consist of 14 jars of baby food and a small amount of breast milk. However, doctors warn that sitting on a similar diet would be catastrophically lacking protein.

Byron’s diet

Lord Byron invented his method of dealing with excess weight. On a daily basis, this gentleman consumed vinegar in large quantities and tea with raw eggs. Similar products caused the lord to vomit, and extra pounds, respectively, were not recruited.

Although vinegar is also used in modern diets, doctors claim that it does not possess any miraculous properties to help lose weight.

Writer’s diet


highly unusual but harmless writer’s diet is based on the view that people overeat due to impossibility release their emotions overflowing. Supporters of this technique recommend everyone who wants to lose weight to grab a pen and notebook and record their experiences daily. After release, the pair eat should want less.

A sharp diet

Some seeking to lose weight have concluded that chili pepper will help them in this, and it should be added to all dishes without exception, including drinks and sweets. Pepper supposedly raises body temperature, thus accelerating metabolism.

To lose weight with the help of a sandwich

it would seem, having decided to adhere to a diet, should switch to healthy food, giving up sandwiches, however in Spain this rule does not want to stick. The essence of the diet is simple: it is necessary at least during one meal to eat a sandwich made of two pieces of bread made from different cereals, while you can put anything between the bread. There are no reliable information about the effectiveness of this diet, but Spaniards are considered to be among the most beautiful women in the world.

Sometimes it is better to chew than to swallow

a certain Horace Fletcher invented a very strange diet, according to which food needs to be carefully chewed to get from it useful substances and then spit out the remaining mass instead of swallowing. The creator of the technique assures that lost weight in this way by 20 kilograms, but doctors warn that this diet is a direct route to anorexia.

Primitive Diet The

diet of primitive humans was quite limited. It included meat, vegetables, fruits, berries, nuts, scented herbs. At first glance, the diet is quite reasonable, however unlike primitive humans, the body of the present person has undergone a number of changes and cannot do without the calcium contained in dairy products.

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