Why do waiters eat for guests?

Facts thing is stubborn, and practice, contrary to the opinion of some “specialists”, stubbornly shows – waiters eat for guests.

Kazan poet Avil Gordovski, author of the books “Natural Exchange”, “Spices and Passions”, “Club 28″, “I like it!” , there is such a poem:


new Kazan phenomenon,

before whom and the old one is dead:

in the city, which is huge

by European standards –




in the XXI century,

as in the nineties australopithecs –

gastronomic caming out:

waiters – eat.

Why does this happen, fu is it, how about getting infected with something?

It happens for a variety of reasons. First, the waiter can be elementally very hungry, and there is no opportunity to eat. Or fails because lots of orders, or the kitchen hasn’t cooked. In establishments where they can’t organize work and work processes, often there is such that the kitchen just doesn’t have time to prepare office, everyone works hungry. Work starts on average at 8 am, waiters for 14-16 hours in a row without respite on their feet, so when the next guest refuses salad because it has nuts, for example, and he has allergies, such the salad goes to the wash, and a hungry waiter goes to the wash.

Secondly, in institutions where they can’t organize training, eating something behind the guest is a way to learn the kitchen of the establishment.

The third reason – rare, but still – happens that the waiter is, say, diabetic, and he needs to cook without sugar. If in the morning all boil porridge, sugar is put by default (why it is customary to do exactly so – a mystery), accordingly, such a waiter must remind and wait still. And then at the kitchen will start a stocking, will go orders, no longer before this sick… Further clear.

Sometimes it happens that the waiter eats not after the guest, but before the guest. For example, the kitchen gives away, say, a serving of fries, the waiter rakes a handful, immediately into his mouth, the rest to the guest. The reasons are the same – hunger, associated learning.

There are principled waiters who never practice like this. Such are very loved by other colleagues, because if the guest left a decent portion of anything, everyone knows that this principle will not eat, respectively, it is necessary only to go for to them in the backroom and take them carefully out of their hands.

So you can no longer doubt, leaving malnourished food in the establishment, it will not go missing. Because except waiters the main natives are dishwashers, they are cleaners, they are technicians, they are cleaners, they are the operators of cleanliness. These gloom from plates subdued and folded neatly into plastic bags.

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