Which sea fish is the most welded


Benefit Any marine fish

is a source of Omega-3 acids, which are necessary to maintain the elasticity of vessel walls, reduce the level of harmful cholesterol and the prevention of heart diseases.$ If they are sufficient, the metabolic processes in cells improve and the youth of the skin persists longer. The peculiarity of Omega-3 acids is that they are not produced by the human body itself, and they can only be obtained with food. Acids are contained precisely in crystals of fat, which fish are forced to synthesize in order to keep warm in cold seas. In non-fatty varieties of Omega-3 fish, acids are orders of magnitude smaller.

Also in any species of marine fish, iodine and selenium are present in sufficient quantities necessary for the normal functioning of the thyroid gland. Selenium also contributes to the removal from the body of salts of heavy metals accumulated as a result of negative environmental conditions. In addition, fish is a source of protein, much more easily digestible than that which gives the body meat. It is less caloric because it is good for those who follow their weight.

Similar properties have not only the fish itself, but also seafood.

What kind of fish is the most useful


addition to the most characteristic types of vitamins and acids, each of the varieties of fish is good for its special properties. For example, in salmon a large amount of potassium, phosphorus and fluorine, as well as vitamins PP, C, B1, B2 are present. In mackerel there are fluorine, sulfur, zinc, B vitamins, including B12. The halibut includes vitamins A and E, selenium and iron. However, similar properties also have more affordable flounder belonging to the same family of fish. No less amount of vitamins A, B, and D are found in tender cod pulp. So every fish has every right to take a decent place on the menu.

To prevent atherosclerosis and other vascular diseases, as well as to meet the body’s needs in beneficial substances, it is sufficient to eat two portions of fish per week.

How to preserve the beneficial properties of fish when cooking

The most useful is fresh fish, as when frozen it loses some of its of nutrients. Since not everyone has the opportunity to cook only fresh or chilled fish, it is only necessary to choose those carcasses that were properly stored after freezing. If the fish is defrosted and then frozen again, it is not necessary to count on its benefit. The greatest amount of vitamins and minerals is preserved when steamed, stewed or baked. In boiled fish some of these substances go into broth, and fried fish, like other products exposed to hot oil, are not very good for health in principle. Omega-3 acids are preserved in saltwater fish, although compared to fresh it is less useful.

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