Which meat is more useful: turkey or lambon


merits of turkey meat

is malocaloric, very well absorbed by the body. Therefore, it is suitable for a person of any age, including young children and old people, also it is used in some diseases. The turkey will be a great choice for people who follow the diet. After all, it has a lot of protein and very little fat. In terms of the trace element phosphorus needed for bone tissue and for normal brain operation, turkey meat is close to many species of marine fish.

But there is almost no cholesterol in turkey, which also speaks in her favor.

Turkey meat also has high taste qualities. Many turkey dishes are considered delicacy and are included in the menu of the world’s most famous restaurants. This meat helps regulate blood pressure. The merits of this product are many. And what are the flaws? They are perhaps absent at all. Although, of course, there will be people who don’t like turkey just tastes. The

merits of lamb

Some people, especially those living in a number of southern countries, prefer lamb to all other meats. Lamb, especially young, is well digested (better than beef), has a characteristic specific taste and aroma, especially appreciated by many lovers of kebab and other meat dishes.

Although there are also quite a few people who don’t like this fragrance.

There is much less cholesterol in lamb, compared to beef and especially pork. The indisputable plus lamb is the low content of purines (nitrogeny substances that contribute to the synthesis of uric acid in the body). But it is this acid that is the culprit of such unpleasant diseases as gout and urati-type urolithiasis. Therefore, in order to prevent these diseases, it is desirable to reduce the proportion of beef and especially pork in one’s diet, and to increase the proportion of lamb.

In addition, this meat contains a lot of fluoride trace element that protects tooth enamel from tooth decay.

What are the drawbacks of lamb, except that its characteristic aroma is liked by not everyone? Lamb fat, containing lots of saturated acids, is the most refractory of all kinds of meat fat, and is therefore harder to digest and worse to assimilate. People suffering from gastrointestinal diseases cannot eat this meat due to high fatness.

Answering the question, which meat is more useful, according to objective indicators, it is necessary to give preference to turkey. Although any kind of meat has both positive and negative properties.

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