Which fish is better fry

Which fish is suitable for frying

From the fish that is found in rivers, for frying it is better to choose the one in which there are fewer bones, although fried under a crispy crust of karasiki are worth it, to agonize a little, choosing numerous and very sharp bones. Roasted carp, catfish, pike and pike, as well as river trout are very tasty.

From sea fish you need to choose species whose structure is tender and a little watery. Good for frying cod, pollock, putassu, nawaga and ice fish, as well as tilapia, sea tongue, halibut, flounder, sea bass, pelengas, sargan, seabass, dorado, pangasius, saida. Red fish for frying is better to take fatter – salmon, trout, salmon.

But in fact, it is delicious to fire you can any fish if you know the secrets of its proper cooking.

How to properly fry fish

The main secret and the main difference between fish and meat is that it is best fried fresh, just caught. In this case, you’re guaranteed not to feel the specific smell of fish oil, which can spoil even expensive fish, but stored in a store in violation of the rules. In addition, the just-caught fish has a pleasant slightly sweet taste and a particularly delicate consistency.

In the case when you “caught” fresh fish in the shop that the seller caught in the pool, it too can be fried without fear that it will be untasty. But if the fish is off the ice, it doesn’t interfere to check its freshness by looking at the gills, touching the carcass with your finger and believing your eyes. Feel free to sniff fish, especially since the cost of it is large enough. Freeze the fish at home and store it right too – place it in the freezer immediately in a tightly closed plastic bag.

You can get rid of a specific fish odor if you hold a carcass in milk for 1-1.5 hours.


ice cream carcass should be properly defrosted by putting it on the bottom shelf of the refrigerator or left for a couple of hours at room temperature. It is impossible to defrost fish in water, especially in running water, because some of the nutrients will go into water. If you want to fry a fish for a baby, it’s better to make it in a gag. In this case, cut the fillet from it, so that you don’t pull the pitted, breaking the crisp crust. How much to fry the fish depends on the size and thickness of the pieces.

River fish of small size, to make small bones less visible, need to be fried by making diamond-shaped incisions on the sides in 1-1.5 cm increments.

For good fresh fish, no spices other than black pepper and salt are required. It is enough to salt and pepper it, melt in flour and fry in enough well-heated vegetable oil. Lemon fish is better sprinkled already after it is fried or put on a dish a couple of lobes of lemon, so that those wishing to acidify the fish did it themselves. For garnish, mashed potatoes, boiled rice, sautéed or lightly stewed vegetables are well suited.

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