When and where the first bread was baked

By eating bread, a person gets all the energy they need, which is contained in cereals. Initially, people didn’t have the idea of bread as they do today. And he looked very different.

For example, Jews baked bread in thin plates, which then broke with their hands. It was from them that the expression “break bread”, meaning “eat something.”

In antiquity people crushed grains into flour with the help of two stones to then, adding water and making tortillas, bake them on the hearth. Usually such a hearth was built in holes dug in the ground. The walls of these holes were laid out with clay. Such bread was heavy and rough enough, because it did not contain leavening agents at all, which would make it soft and tender.

The first bread in Egypt

The history of the origin of bread in Egypt is thousands of years, but the exact number is difficult to establish. It was the Egyptians who first realized that the sour test contained yeast. They learned to get yeast and bake edible dough. And also perfectly mastered the art of baking dough with fermentation. Bread in ancient Egypt had a variety of forms: oblong, round, pyramidal, as well as in the shape of sphinxes, fish and braided. Also in Egypt it was customary to bake sweet loaves. Honey, milk, fat were added to them. Such bread was more valuable than ordinary.

Bread in Greece and Rome

Greece and Rome took the Egyptians skill of making baked bread with the help of dropped dough. In these states, such bread was available only to wealthy families. Only black bread was available for slaves — dense and rough.

In ancient Greece, certain superstitions were associated with bread as well. One of them stated that a man who used food without bread was guilty of a grave sin. And for that sin, he will surely be punished by the gods. Recipes for making bread were not told to anyone. It was a great mystery. They were transmitted only from generation to generation by master bakers.

Previously, in ancient Greece, bread was considered a stand-alone dish and it was eaten in the same way as any other individual dish.

Bread in Italy

Italians learned to bake bread from the Greeks. It was they who brought the technology of making bread to the territory of Italy in the eighth century BC. Preparation of bread is treated very carefully. Recipes pass on from generation to generation. Bread does not change over time, Italians prefer and very much appreciate the traditional option of cooking.

The first bread in Switzerland

Breadmaking in Switzerland began to develop a few thousand years ago. Ancient residents baked flat bread on red-hot stones and sprinkled it with ashes. Each family baked bread on their own according to their needs. It was only when cities began to develop that bakery shops began to open. Only black bread was available to the poor at the time. When there were crop failures in the country and lacked supplies of rye and wheat, crushed chestnuts, acorns and plant roots were mixed into flour.

Undoubtedly, each nation cherishes the history of the origin of bread in its state. And it would be interesting to try and compare bread in different parts of the world.

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