When and how to clean ginger root

Due to these properties it is used to make many dishes, fragrant teas. But not everyone knows how to clean ginger, and does it need to be done at all? Let’s try to figure out

Why and when to clean the ginger root?

The skin of the ginger root contains a large amount of essential oils and other useful trace elements. But it’s not always left behind. There are situations in which you must definitely remove the top layer. Depends on how ginger will be used, here’s for example:

  • If you plan to eat ginger fresh, it needs to be cleaned. In addition to the skin, dirt accumulates on the surface of the root.
  • The

  • unpeeled root of ginger can be used to make tea, but it can negatively affect its taste. It is advisable at least with the help of a stiff sponge remove its thin upper layer.
  • Marinate ginger together with skin, it allows to preserve aroma and beneficial substances. Candied root is also not cleaned, it is good to use for teas.
  • No need to take the whole skin off the root in advance. It is better to cut off the desired slice, and the remaining part will better preserve the flavor and favor under the protective layer.
  • During heat treatment, the skin loses useful properties, so it is better to remove it.

Before using the root of the ginger must be washed under running water, but do not rub, the skin can separate. Root with hard surface rinse with hot water.

Ways of cleaning ginger root

Under the top protective layer of ginger root there are many useful micronutrients, so you can’t cut much. Thin skin makes the process difficult. To learn how to clean ginger properly, there is a method for each specific case. There are several effective ways using different devices, namely:

1. With the help of a soft metal jacket for cleaning dishes. The root is placed in the water and with neat movements in one direction remove the top layer. Make sure that the flesh is not damaged, otherwise taste and flavor will be lost.

2. Using a slicer for cleaning vegetables. Very convenient device, but you need to make sure that the thickness of the cut does not exceed 2 millimeters.

3. Cleanse with a knife or spoon. Simple and popular way, but suitable only for young roots with soft skin. A spoon is taken in one hand, the other is held ginger. Remove the skin without hurry, monitor the depth so as not to damage the flesh. The knife handling technique is the same, but with some features. The blade should be sharp, but the skin does not need to be cut, it is cleaned, trying not to cut the middle of the root. The knife is advised to apply for an old, stiff skin that is not removed with a spoon.

4. Removal of skin with a toothbrush. This way is suitable for young roots. Under a jet of cold running water, the top layer is removed, slightly pressing the brush.

Cleansed root should be immediately used, otherwise the fragrance and beneficial properties will be lost. If there is an unused slice left, after cooking any dish, it can be put in tea.

You can’t eat the root of ginger in large doses, in the evening and in some diseases. Instead of benefit, it can harm health.

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