What is useful parsley;

Composition and beneficial properties of Parsley

Parsley enriches dishes with vitamins and minerals, as well as gives them a pleasant taste and aroma. Parsley consists of the following elements:
– vitamin C

provitamin A –
vitamin E –
vitamin K – vitamin P
– vitamin B
– phosphorus
– calcium –
– sodium
– potassium.

Eating parsley is of great benefit to the female body. The decoction from the roots of the plant is useful to nursing women, due to the ability to increase lactation. Eating parsley greens helps to adjust the menstrual cycle as well as cope with painful conditions during climax.

It is useful to use curly spice not only to women, but also to members of strong sex. For men, parsley is of particular value because it is a powerful aphrodisiac stimulating potency and sex drive. In case of prostate problems, a remedy from the roots and seeds of the plant is prepared for men.

An infusion of greens and roots is used to cleanse the liver, vessels and joints of salts and slags.

Parsley is a good diuretic, it removes excess fluid from the body, helps to cope with inflammation and infections. Decorations from it are used for propensity to puffiness, urethritis, cystitis, urolithiasis.

Parsley greens increase appetite and improve digestion. For gastritis with reduced acidity, it is advisable to include this spice fresh in the diet. From the seeds of the plant prepare an infusion, which is used for flatulence, dyspepsia, poor intestinal work.

If you chew a sprig of parsley after consuming garlic, you can get rid of the foul smell in your mouth.

Parsley has a positive effect on the state of vision. Fresh parsley juice is included in vitamin cocktails, the intake of which is prescribed at the lethargy of the pupil.

Use parsley and cosmetology, infusions and decoctions of its greens – it is a good remedy for hair care. Also eat parsley greens as part of face masks. They whiten the skin well, brighten freckles and pigment spots. Compresses and primlets with the plant’s juice help to cope with bags and dark circles under the eyes.

Contraindications to the consumption of parsley

should not be applied to women during pregnancy, due to the ability of this spice to tone the uterus.
The use of parsley in inflammatory processes in the kidneys and bladder is contraindicated.

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