What is Tobasco sauce and what can be substitute

Tabasco sauce recipe

Classic sauce consists of flesh of spicy red tabasco pepper, vinegar and special salt. They take ripe peppers, they have pasty flesh under the skin, not quite mature or green, with dense flesh. It is the degree of maturity of the pepper that depends on the sharpness of the sauce. Features of cooking sauce: peppers are ground, salt is added, and mass is sent to ferment into oak barrels. Term of fermentation — up to three years. Next, white vinegar is added to the sauce paste, stirred and strained. The sauce is ready. Can be bottled.

Features of cooking the famous sauce

The present sauce roams in white oak barrels, and the salt is used from the Avery Island mines. Tabasco peppers for sauce are hand-picked. The ripeness of each pepper is checked by a reference plate of a certain color. The degree of maturity of the peppers depends on the taste of the sauce and its saturation and acuity.

The original Tabasco sauce (sometimes pronounced Tobasco) is produced by McAlenny’s company. The hottest sauce is habanero, then goes the classic red and smoked (with chipotle pepper). Less spicy Tabasco sauces are garlic (in its composition three types of peppers), green (using jalapeño pepper), Buffalo and sweet-sharp with oriental spices. All types of sauce except classic are aged for considerably less than three years.

A quarter teaspoon of Tabasco sauce can be equated to half a teaspoon of black pepper or a teaspoon of other hot sauces.

Useful properties of Tabasco

sauce Using sauce for cooking meat and fish, adding with soups and main courses helps strengthen immunity and improve metabolism in the body. Due to its beneficial properties, the sauce is introduced into the diet of astronauts serving the armies of the United States and the United Kingdom. The calorie content of the sauce is only 12 kcal per 100 grams. The sauce contains vitamins A, C, E and B groups. In the composition of the sauce, fatty acids and beta-carotene, iron, magnesium, phosphorus, potassium and calcium, sodium.

The sauce is contraindicated to people with heart disease, especially in tachycardia and with GI diseases. Tabasco sauce is a strong allergen.

What you can replace Tabasco sauce

with Ryna fans of Tabasco sauce better go to the nearest supermarket. If this option falls away, and time up to hour “X” – there are a couple of weeks, you can cook yourself. The recipe is extremely simple, but the fermentation procedure is long. And instead of small Tabasco you can use cayenne pepper, it will be bigger. Or jalapeño. The main thing is that you have a mask (you can also glasses), gloves and a strong draft in the kitchen. And don’t use the dishes in which you cook baby food.

Pepper is ground, mixed with salt, folded to the jar and put to ferment in a warm place. The fermentation process is a week or another, depending on the temperature in the house. Then add classic vinegar based on the calculation: one tablespoon of vinegar per glass of pepper flesh. You can add garlic or seasoning. Strain — and the sauce is ready.

In hiking conditions can be replaced with chile sauce. An extreme case when there are no ready sauces, apply the ground red and splash the dish with vinegar.

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