What is the difference of camembert cheese from bri

What is Camembert and Brie

Camembert is a variety of soft cow’s milk cheese. The history of this famous cheese began only in the late 19th century. However, if one legend is to be believed, such a product appeared a century earlier than the above date.

Brie presents a soft cheese for which cow’s milk is used. It’s No.1 cheese in France. He is considered the “father” of the Camembert. Brie is one of the most ancient French cheeses.

The difference between Camembert and Brie Camembert cheeses

is a soft cheese that has a colour from a light creamy to a white hue. This cheese is covered in a mouldy white crust. Delicate, tangy, sweet to taste, it exudes the aroma of fresh mushrooms – champignons. The size of the camembert circle is exactly fixed. It is 3 centimeters tall and 11 centimeters in diameter.

Camembert refers to fatty varieties of cheese. Brie fatness is 25% lower.

Brie is a soft cheese of a greyish white hue covered in a mouldy crust of white with reddish divorces. It is made in the form of “tortillas”, having different heights (3-5 centimeters) and diameter (30-60 centimeters). Brie has a savory, very tender and a little sharp taste, exudes forest nuts.

Crust on camembert and brie are formed due to a special cheese mold. In brie cheese, the crust is almost tasteless and gives away nashatyr, and the camembert has a noticeable scent of mushrooms and a sharp taste.

The sharpness of brie cheese can depend both on the height of its circle and the time it matures: a thick “flatbread” will be much less sharp than thin.

Production of brie cheese is possible almost any time of the year. Camembert is quite difficult to create in conditions of hot weather, and therefore for the summer period its production is suspended.

The distinctive mark of the quality of camembert cheese is its packaging, which is a small wooden box. Thanks to it, this product can be transported to quite distant distances. Brie doesn’t pack that way. In

summary, it can be concluded that the difference between camembert cheese and brie is as follows:
– Camembert smells of mushrooms and brie – hazelnuts;
– Camembert flesh is all shades of light -$ creamy and white, and brie cheese is white with a gray hue
– Camembert has a fixed size of a cheese circle and brie heads differ in diameter and thickness
– Camembert -$ greasy cheese variety than brie;
– mouldy camembert crust has white color, sharp taste and scent of champignons;
– Brie cheese has a white crust with reddish divorces, it has a smell nashatyr and has no pronounced taste;
– Camembert is made from September to May, and brie cheese is made all year round;
– real camembert should be packed in a small wooden box.

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