What is the composition of a crab salad

Simple recipe for crab salad

One of the very first salad recipes with crab sticks, suitable for those who don’t want to spend much time preparing ingredients or just don’t like rice. To prepare it you will need:
-8 eggs;
-250 g crab meat;
-200 g canned corn;
-3 tbsp mayonnaise;
-1 tbsp sour cream.

Boil the eggs steeped, peel off the shell and cut into small cubes. Move in a salad dish eggs and sweet corn, from which pre-drain the liquid. Add diced crab meat to the ingredients. In a separate utensils, mix the mayonnaise with sour cream and refill the salad with cooked mixture.

Store salad with eggs is recommended no more than two days and only in the fridge.

Traditional crab salad with rice and cucumbers

Salad composition:
-1 cup rice;
-5 eggs;
-3 medium-sized cucumbers;
-250 g crab meat or crab sticks;
-200 g of canned corn;
-½ bunch of green onions;
-250 g of mayonnaise. For the

salad to turn out less caloric, mayonnaise can be completely replaced with low-fat yogurt without any additives or at least low-fat sour cream.

Boil the rice until ready in plenty of salted water, drain and cool to room temperature. Boil the eggs and cut into cubes along with crab meat and cucumbers. Fold all the ingredients into the salad pan, add canned corn and finely chopped spring onions to them. Refill everything with mayonnaise just before serving on the table, so that the cucumbers do not have time to let the juice, which can spoil the appearance of the dish.

Light salad with crab sticks

This is a lightened version of the salad with crab sticks, in which rice and eggs are replaced by more wholesome and tender Peking cabbage. To prepare it you will need:
-200g crab meat or sticks;
-200g sweet canned corn;
-½ cochan Peking cabbage;
-1 tbsp mayonnaise;
-1 tbsp sour cream;
-salt to taste.

For this salad, it is better to choose kowl kale, which has a large number of green leaves.

The tender portion of the leaves of Peking cabbage finely cut across and fold into the salad pan. Add the diced crab meat and cucumber to them, as well as canned corn. Mix the mayonnaise with sour cream and add this dressing to the salad. Stir everything gently, salt if necessary and serve to the table.

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