What foods contain cholesterol

Foods rich in cholesterol

The main harm to the body brings animal cholesterol. In large quantities, it is found in lard and fatty meat: pork, lamb and waterfowl. In smaller numbers, it is present in beef, veal, rabbit and chicken. That’s why those suffering from elevated blood cholesterol should abandon such products or keep their consumption to a minimum.

Any fast food also contains harmful cholesterol. Particular danger is fries and chips, burgers, cheeseburgers and any other sandwiches with meat cutlets and sauces. In addition to cholesterol, they contain a whole range of carcinogens and synthetic substances, which together have a detrimental impact on human health.

The list of products rich in cholesterol includes eggs. Egg yolk is especially abundant. When cholesterol is high, they should not be eaten at all. In other cases, the consumption of eggs should be limited to 3-5 pieces per week, because of them a person receives the necessary lecithin for the body. At the same time, it is better to eat eggs in the form of an omelette, boiled steeped or crumpled.

Quite a lot of harmful cholesterol is found in fatty dairy products: whole milk, butter, hard cheese, homemade sour cream and cottage cheese. It is also present in margarine. Lots of cholesterol in dishes such as fried potatoes and patties, cutlets, fried fish and steaks.

How to reduce the amount of cholesterol in the blood

First of all, it is necessary to review the diet by eliminating the above products or at least significantly reducing them consumption. Fried dishes should be abandoned altogether, and fatty meat replaced by nutritious and healthy sea fish. The latter product, by the way, contains protein that is absorbed by the body much better than meat.

It is also useful to use blood cholesterol-lowering foods more often. These include: oatmeal and buckwheat, various nuts, prunes, legumes, peppers, vinegar and mustard. As well as some types of fish, such as tuna, salmon, halibut and sardines. It’s also important to eat more fresh vegetables and fruits. Only refill them should not sour cream and mayonnaise, but unrefined cold pressed vegetable oil.

As for drinks, it is better to exclude any coffee from the diet, and black tea is replaced entirely or at least partially with green and herbal. It is also useful to drink more freshly squeezed juices and mineral water.

And, of course, will help reduce cholesterol playing sports or even regular long walks at any time of the day, as well as the rejection of bad habits in the form of alcohol and tobacco.

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