What foods are containing vitamin D

Value of vitamin D

Calciferol (vitamin D) is one of the group of fat-soluble prohormones involved in the absorption of trace elements such as calcium. Vitamin D is able to synthesize in the skin thanks to sunlight.

This is why people who are regularly exposed to sunlight do not need to additionally take drugs containing calciferol.

If a person has a lack of vitamin D in the body, most often it is replenished not only with the help of nutritional supplements and medicinal products drugs, but also with some foodstuffs, and medicines can be used only as prescribed by a doctor.

Due to sufficient calciferol blood content, the risk of many diseases is reduced, such as oncology, infectious diseases, heart disease and circulatory diseases system. Vitamin D protects teeth, bones and hair, thanks to the fact that it better absorbs calcium derived from food.

Food content with vitamin D

It doesn’t matter whether you are regularly in the sun or eating nutritional supplements that contain this vitamin, your dose calciferol you will still get, as it is also replenished and with the help of some products.

Among the best natural sources of vitamin D, which are recommended for everyday diets, are the following products. Fish oil comes first. It contains huge amounts of vitamin D.

One tablespoon of fish oil contains three daily calciferol norms.

Salmon. Its meat contains such fats, thanks to which it becomes an obligatory food of a balanced diet. One portion of salmon can cover the daily need of the body with vitamin D. Salmon can be replaced with other types of fish, such as sardine, mackerel and tuna.

Milk is also one of the sources of vitamin D. When eating a single glass of milk, one can obtain a quarter of a daily dose of a given vitamin.

Vitamin D is also found in many cereals. Their content in some form of cereal can be found from the information provided on the package.

There is part of the daily dose of calciferol in the boiled egg yolk. But many experts recommend eating an egg entirely, because it has many other useful minerals and vitamins.

It is also worth paying attention to such products as soybeans and margarine. Modern margarine producers additionally introduce vitamin D. ‘into this product </div

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