Very simple cake prescriptions

Marmelade-nut cake

There are many kinds of unbaked cakes. Some make them based on ready-made waffle corges or biscuits from the store. Others are from biscuits, crackers or merengues. A very unusual cake with marmalade and nuts also belongs to the category of unbaked. For its preparation it is necessary to have:

– half a kilo of biscuits;
– half a kilo of marmalade (any);
– 5 tablespoons of sugar sand;
– 250 grams of walnuts (brushed kernels).

Cookies are better to buy the simplest, in packs. Next, you’ll need to pass it through the grinder. The marmalade must be cut into small cubes. Cut the walnuts into quarters. In a small casan or deep frying pan pour sugar sand and put on the fire. When the sugar turns to syrup, pour in the quarters of the nuts.

Remove the dishes with syrup and nuts from the heat and stir its contents very quickly. It is necessary that the nuts form a sweet shiny crust.

Hazelnuts or peanuts can be used instead of walnuts. In this case, the nuts can not be divided into parts.

In a separate utensils, stir the ground biscuits, marmalade and glazed nuts. If desired, you can add candied or a little zest of orange.

Cream for marmelade-nut cake will be combined, and it should be prepared in two stages. In the first stage it will be necessary to prepare a custard basis. For this purpose, take the following products:

– 3 tablespoons cocoa powder;
– 1 cup sugar sand;
– 2 tablespoons flour;
– 1 cup cold milk.

It is necessary to mix cocoa powder with sugar. Add all the flour and infuse the cold milk. Stir everything to break lumps. Pour the liquid mixture into the enamelled container and place on a small heat. Stir until thickened cream. Can’t be brought to a boil!
Remove the dishes from the heat and leave to cool.

In the second step you will need to use an additional ingredient:

– 350 grams of butter.

At room temperature, the oil needs to be softened. Add it to the cooled base of the cream. Beat the whole mass carefully with a whisk.

For extra flavor, you can enter a little vanilla sugar or a tablespoon of rum into the cream.

Ready cream add to the total mass of the cake in proportion 2/3. Stir everything and put on a platter. Give the cake the desired shape. With a leftover cream, grease the cake on the sides and sprinkle with ground nuts. Top decorate with berries from any jam. Put in a cold place for a day.

Simple breadcrumbs cake


– 200 grams of sugar sand;
– 200 grams of ground vanilla crumbs;
– 200 grams of butter;
– 1 fresh raw egg.

Common breadcrumbs can be used instead of vanilla. In this case, add more sugar and

vanilla Ground breadcrumbs with butter. Add fresh raw egg and sugar sand to the mass. Stir the resulting mass. Everything must be laid on a wet tray (not to stick) in the shape of a cake. Put in the cold for two hours. After stiffening the finished dessert can be laid with candied or berries on top.

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