Vegetable potle

You’ll need
  • – 3 courget-zucchini;
  • – 2 chives;
  • – 3 sweet red and yellow peppers;
  • – 300 g cauliflower;
  • – 300 g broccoli
  • – 200 g beans
  • – 300 g overripe tomatoes
  • – 150 g green peas – 4
  • tbsp gelatin
  • – seasoning for broth
  • – salt.

Peel the courgette and cut the nibble into slices. Break cauliflower and cabbage broccoli into inflorescences, peel bean pods from veins.


Bring the salted water to the boil, send the cooked vegetables there and cook until ready. Take out the vegetables and let the water drain. Spare the tomatoes from the skin and cut into the shape of mugs. Cover the onion with half rings and rinse the onion rings in cold water.


Soak the gelatin in warm water for 15 minutes, stir it so there are no lumps. In the water from cooked vegetables it is necessary to pour dissolved gelatin and season with flavorful seasoning.


Before the cold is finally frozen, spread the cooked vegetables in such order that they create a color scheme. Each stacked layer of vegetables gently pour in liquid. After stiffening, the pottery can be taken out on a serving dish and cut into large chunks.

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