Veal Ojakhuri with quine

You will need
  • – 150 g veal meat (pulp);
  • – 100 g onion;
  • – 180 g quince;
  • – 4 tbsp vegetable oil;
  • – salt;
  • – spices to taste.

First of all it is necessary to prepare products.$ Quince wash, the core gently cut, and cut the fruit itself with small slices. The meat is also well rinsed with cold water and then chop into equal size small chunks.


Then the pan as should be heated, without forgetting to infuse 4 spoons of vegetable oil. Chunks of cut veal flesh should be laid out in a well-heated pan. Roast the meat for a while, and then report back the quince slices, continuing to roast the veal over a medium heat, while not forgetting to interfere periodically.


After 20 minutes, pour the onion, previously chopped with half rings. Next, pour salt in and season with spices at the end of cooking. Stir and bring until ready. Finally, put the cooked meat on a dish.

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