Useful tricks: how to lose weight?

1. Eat yogurt
If you’re slightly hungry, snack on delicious yogurt with filler rather than chocolate. Its taste qualities are perfect for dessert, and moreover there is plenty of use in yogurt. First, calcium, which is found in dairy products, sends a special signal into cells that prevents excessive production of the hormone cortisol, an excess of which often causes obesity a waist areas. Second, yogurt-containing fermented milk bacteria and probiotics help maintain normal digestive function. Third, yogurt contains riboflavin, vitamins B5 and B12, iodine and zinc.

2. Olive oil
University of Irvine recently conducted research and proved that acids contained in olive oil are transformed into a special substance that suppresses appetite! So replace your regular salad dressing with unfiltered olive oil, and don’t forget to eat a slice of wholegrain bread with it the same before heading out for lunch or dinner.

3. Cramped clothes. You, of course, should not dress up so as to highlight all the flaws, however if you quickly lose motivation, put on a pair of narrow jeans, which you don’t get into (and would like to…) with free top. You are unlikely to reach for harmful sweets with impunity!

4. Control portions. Just use a smaller plate — even a small portion will seem much more impressive.

5. Distract. Never eat just out of boredom! Usually bouts of “feigned” hunger last no more than 10 minutes, so if you feel like you’re about to fly into the fridge, get distracted: drink the waters, check the mail or call a girlfriend.

6. Eat slowly. If you eat in a hurry, it’s likely to eat a lot more than you need. To avoid this, then, first, try not to allow feelings of wolf hunger and do not take big breaks between meals: it is better to eat less, but more often. Secondly, if food is your bad habit, then try to eat in a masculinally calm environment. If it doesn’t help, there’s a cunning way: eat with Chinese sticks!

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