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Chemical composition and benefit of the pod beans

Includes B vitamins, vitamins A, C, E, beta-carotene and folic acid. Large quantities of this product contain iron, potassium, zinc, calcium, magnesium, chromium and many others. All these substances perfectly protect the body from the harmful effects of free radicals. Nutritionists recommend that people after 40 should be sure to include chilled beans in their diet at least twice a week.

Beans contain only 23 kcal per 100 g of the product, so dishes from it will be useful and wishing to lose weight.

Beans improves digestive system and accelerates recovery from infectious bowel diseases, helps cure bronchitis, skin diseases, rheumatism and tuberculosis. Since it has a lot of iron, it is recommended to use in diseases of the system of blood creation.

Therapeutic properties of the pod bean

Beans are indispensable for people with diabetes because it lowers blood sugar. Bean pods contain arginine, which is similar in effect to insulin. To stimulate the production of insulin patients with diabetes mellitus need to drink about a liter of juices of bean, carrots, lettuce and Brussels cabbage per day. Juice of bean pods helps cure bursitis — a disease of the joints. To cure it is necessary to drink this juice every day and cook bean dishes several times a week.

The pod beans positively affect the nervous system, the heart and the vessels. It is recommended to include in the diet for atherosclerosis, hypertension, heart rate disorders. Green bean can normalize carbohydrate metabolism, due to the content of a large amount of zinc. It has diuretic effect, accelerates the dissolution of stones and cleans the kidneys, improves sexual function. Beans are very useful in gout because it regulates salt metabolism in the body.

The recipe for cooking bean

pods can be prepared very quickly: in boiling water – 5-6 minutes, steamed – 8-10 minutes. Frozen beans are prepared for only 2-3 minutes. Trim the tips of the bean pods before cooking and soak the pods in cold water for 2-3 hours. Put the pods in boiling water and boil until ready. The finished beans should stay firm, but not crunch. Take the pods out of the pan and immerse them briefly in cold water to stop the process of cooking in them.

The digested beans become fibrous and untasty.

Serve the pod beans on the table immediately after cooking, adding salt, pepper, butter. This dish can be prepared on a side dish and served to meat or fish.

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