Useful properties of currants

Blackcurrant Properties The blackcurrant

fruit contains vitamins B, P, pectin substances and essential oils, as well as a large amount of ascorbic acid, $ which persists even when the berries are frozen and preserved.$ Currant increases the body’s resistance and improves appetite, helps to recover from long-term diseases, has sweaty, anti-inflammatory, diuretic properties.

Currant leaves containing the same active substances as berries are used in the fight against rheumatism, gout, gastritis, bladder and kidney disease.

Currant berries are actively used in a fresh and processed form: prepared for winter compotes and jams will provide vitamins support during periods of epidemics. From leaves make therapeutic teas, decoctions, dried and added to medicinal fees. On an industrial scale, currants are used to make multivitamin drugs.

Blackcurrant with sugar

One of the easy ways of harvesting this natural vitamin is currants with sugar. To do this you will need:

– 1 kilogram of blackcurrant berries;
– 1.5 kilograms of sugar.

Currants, rinse and dry. Pour in clean enamelled dishes, add some sugar. Brush the berries into a homogeneous mass with a wooden jacket. You can use a blender or a grinder, but then some vitamin C will be lost. Then add the remaining sugar and mix well. Place in glass jars and put in a cellar or fridge.

Redcurrant properties

Redcurrant Berries contain less vitamin C than black berries. However, it also has a number of beneficial properties: reduces blood pressure, removes excess salts from the body, prevents puffiness, acts as a biliary agent. The currant fruit morse quenches thirst well and is able to suppress the vomiting reflex. Currant juice normalizes the activity of the gastrointestinal tract, has a tonic and antipyretic effect. Redcurrant leaves are used in the treatment of cystitis. It is

better to eat red currants immediately after harvest, as it is not stored for long. For long-term storage of berries use different methods of preservation. If you want to keep the maximum amount of nutrients, currants are better to freeze, with berries removed from the bush along with twigs.

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