Can you fry the load

How to fry grazdi

Traditionally in Russia grazdi solili in large kaducks, resulting in a fragrant, delicious, juicy and meaty snack. However, they can be cooked in other ways, including frying in a pan.

In old times in Russia the gruzdi was called “tsars” and considered almost the only mushrooms suitable for salting.

Since the loads contain a lot of bitterness, and the flesh of such mushrooms is a bit rigid, they should be properly treated for cooking . Fresh mushrooms should first thoroughly clean the hat from inside – thanks to this you will get rid of some bitterness. After that, the load should soak in a lot of cold water for a day, then change the water and leave for another 1-2 days.

The soaked grasses should be rinsed, folded into a pan, poured cold water and brought to the boil. Then the water from the pan should be drained and drawn there clean. Once the grains are boiled again, you need to salt the water a little and cook the mushrooms on a low heat for about an hour.

The welded cargoes should be retrieved, dried and cut into pieces. Only then these mushrooms can be fried in the usual way for you – they turn out delicious and very soft.

Fried grazds with buckwheat

From the loads cooked on the pan, you can make an old Russian dish — fried mushrooms with buckwheat. This requires the following ingredients:
-1 kg fresh loads;
-2 cups buckwheat;
-3 cups water;
-2 heads of onion;
-vegetable oil for frying;
-salt and black pepper to taste.

Clean fresh cargoes and soak in water in the manner described above. Then fold into a pan, bring to a boil and swap water. After boiling, salt and cook for 60 minutes over a low heat.

Cut the grubs into small pieces, lay on a frying pan with preheated cooking oil and cook over a low heat until they are soft. 10 minutes before cooking ends, add the diced onions to them.

If the grinds start to burn, add some warm water to them.

While the mushrooms are toasted, cook the buckwheat. To do this, remove the grouse, rinse it several times and pour 3 cups of water. Once boiling, salt and cook until the buckwheat is soft and the water boils completely.

Add the brewed buckwheat to the frying pan, stir everything and cover with a lid to make the dish come true. Then stir again, spread over plates, garnish with greens and serve to the table with sour cream.

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