Ukrainian borscht: benefit or harm

About the benefit of Ukrainian borscht

Ukrainian borscht, prepared according to a traditional recipe, is a perfectly balanced dish. The ratio of proteins, fats and carbohydrates — the carriers of energy necessary for normal operation of the whole body, as well as minerals, vitamins and enzymes is such that the best is not necessary. The indicator of the optimal nutrient ratio is not suitable only for separate diets and vegetarians, if it is a borscht on meat broth. For the rest of the people, the dish is a sample of the harmony of foods in one plate.

When everything is balanced in a dish, for example, fats (plant or animal) give a mild biliary effect, which is useful for the liver. Based on that, and the whole digestive system starts to work like a clock.

Real Ukrainian meat borsch with lard is a real hoard of protein, which is a striking power energy expert that guarantees vivacity and a high level of performance. Full-fledged protein nourishes, gives a feeling of satiety for a long time, increases the efficiency of metabolic Vegetables and seasonings supply the body with macro and trace elements, organic acids, fiber, vitamins A, C, K and B groups.

About fiber should be said separately. Borsch is an excellent detoxifier that cleanses the body of toxins. The mixture of vegetables, which go to the preparation of real, traditional Ukrainian borsch, is not coincidentally called the “magnificent seven”. Beets, potatoes, cabbage, onions, carrots, tomatoes, greens (sometimes garlic) — all together they perfectly complement each other and form the very “magnificent seven”, which is saved and boiled species acts as a superior sorbent, the “brush”. Due to the fiber present in these vegetables — enough rough part of them, which is almost not digested by the stomach, the “seven” gently brings out the products of decay and rotting that have accumulated in the body.

Even one broth of Ukrainian borscht can claim a high degree of usefulness. It, as Japanese centenarians would say, sends energy to the fire of digestion and revives blood, i.e., regulates its viscosity, making it more fluid, which is useful for the heart and vessels.

About the harm of the Ukrainian borscht

Here are what claims his opponents make to the Ukrainian borscht:
– meat broth is harmful, it causes diseases of vessels, joints, kidneys;
– carrots and cabbage – leaders in nitrate absorption;
– borscht contains oxalic acid and dangerous compounds leading to tooth decay, osteoporosis and other diseases;
– frying, an obligatory element of Ukrainian borscht, is the cause of the development of gastritis, stomach ulcers, and also carries cholesterol, which affects the vessels and heart.

What can be said to that. Some harm can be done by broth brewed on “wrong” meat. That is, obtained from an animal whose diet added growth hormones or antibiotics. The way out here is one — buy meat from proven producers and you will have nothing to fear.

There’s a good way to secure broth. Once the meat in the pan boils, remove it from the heat and drain the liquid. Rinse the meat, pour fresh water, put a whole bulb, put on the heat again. Throw the bulb away.

Concerning nitrates: the view that together with cabbage and carrots enters the body a large amount of them is contradicted by another opinion based on studies carried out. According to the findings of scientific surveys vegetables that have undergone heat treatment, unlike fresh ones, provide easy transit of nitrates through the intestine and their safe withdrawal from the body.

About oxalic acid: yes, it is present in borscht, but in a non-hazardous concentration for health. Besides, it is easily neutralized with sour cream, which when serving Ukrainian borscht on the table is obligatory.

Roasting. The very process of frying onions and carrots does not take place long, only until the appearance of a light golden color. Carcinogenic substances with high carbon content are known to form only in burnt products that have been roasted in oil or fat at high temperatures long time. Just don’t allow it when cooking a roast, and then it won’t be dangerous to your health.

So what harm does the Ukrainian borscht bear? Yeah, no, no. This is nothing more than a contrived and unconfirmed myth. The advantage of this dish proved thousands of years of culinary history of its consumption and many objective studies. It is important only to use quality products and know the rules of preparation of real traditional Ukrainian borsch.

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