Types of Italian pasta

Pasta minute The

easiest thing to deal with instant pasta, tiny pasta that boils for literally a few minutes. If this paste is similar to rice, it is either orzo or risi. The former is similar to long-grain, and the latter to round-grain rice. Quite round grains of the paste are called achini de pepe, that is pepper. A paste similar to tiny rings is called, as size descends — anelli, annelini and ochchi de perniche. Also to this type of paste include tiny figurines – asterisks-stellini, shells – conkilette, ear-fungini and tiny bantiks-farfalin. All these tiny types of pasta are used in soups and salads.

Often at the end of the name the paste can be guessed about its size. So on “ini” end the names of tiny macaroni, on “ette” – bigger, on “they” – quite large.

Pasta stuffed

Three kinds of paste with the filling are like dumplings rolled into a ring. These are tortini, tortellini and tortelloni, the latter being the biggest. Also cooked with stuffing large square Italian dumplings – ravioli and sacchetoni, tiny rectangular convertibles – anolotti and similar little hats – capeletti. Initially in dry form are sold without filling, but on the table are caught with mince inside large “tubes” – canneloni and large shells – conquiglioni. These types of paste are often served with buttery, creamy or tomato sauce or baked with a variety of semi-liquid red and white sauces. The pasta with filling conditionally can include wide layers of lasagna, which glorify meat or vegetable filling, sauce and sprinkled with cheese.

Italian “dumplings” stuffing not only meat, but also vegetable minced meat.

Curly paste

Various types of curly paste are perfect for thick sauces with pieces of vegetables or meat that “cling” to their fluted surface. Such products include “twisted” tubules of marziani, fusilli and spirallini. The largest paste of this type — fusilli bukati — is similar to a tight spring. The curly paste includes various types of penne from tiny pennettes to huge, similar to canneloni, penne zita. Beautiful and unusual pasta, similar to a baby painted flower, fiori, is like a rotelle paste, and large farfalle bows are some of the most famous pasta outside Italy.

Long paste

Long paste is thin as spaghetti or flat as linguine. This paste is suitable for uniform, smooth, enveloping sauces. Thin pasta may be called bucatini, spaghetti, spaghetti and spaghetti. The ones that are even thinner are vermicelli, vermicchelloni and cappellini. A long and flat paste can be straight like a bavetti or rolled into “nests” like tagiatelli, taglerini, fetuccini and parpadelle.

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