Two cool beef recipes in a frying pan

You will need
  • – a piece of beef;
  • – onion onion;
  • – soy sauce;
  • – ground paprika;
  • – food soda;
  • – seasoning to meat;
  • – vinegar;
  • – garlic;
  • – carrot;
  • – bell pepper.

So, the first recipe. Take soy sauce, ground paprika (not sharp), onions and seasonings. Slice the meat into medium pieces, bleat and place in a deep plate. Pour with soy sauce, about 50 ml and sprinkle with paprika (1 tbsp). Then cut the onion half rings and add to the meat. Mix it all nicely. Sprinkle seasoning for the beef or any seasoning to the meat. Stir and leave for 2-3 hours at least. The recipe is like a marinade for kebabs.


For the second method of marinade meat cut into medium pieces and then bleat well. Marinate in vinegar with sugar, butter and sliced half-rings onions. Marinade with vinegar has a characteristic aftertaste, many of it do not complain very much, but it is in vain, when cooking it goes down, and the meat becomes soft. Who does not like to use vinegar, but wants to get soft pieces, then you can use food soda. Slide the pieces with a thin layer, let lie down 20 minutes and then rinse thoroughly with water. Then you can use the first recipe for meat preparation. It is better to cook the marinade in advance to give the pieces in it to lie from 2-3 hours.


Heat the pan when it gets hot – pour in the oil, fry over a medium heat for about 5-10 minutes. Try not to put the pieces too close, you can apply them portionally. This is how a delicious crust appears, most love it. Don’t forget to stir.


When all the pieces are fired, cut the onion, the flat side of the knife crush the cog — so it will give away more juice, then cut the carrots into bars (as frying potatoes). Also sweet bell pepper is very suitable here, sliced with both bars and cubes. Onions can be used as fresh as well as one involved in the marinade process. It is just soaked with seasoning and will have a pleasant flavor.
When you feel the carrots are slightly roasted, add the meat, simmer over a low heat so nothing burns, for about twenty minutes. You can add a cube of butter. And don’t forget the spices you like. This is good for classic salt and pepper, papprika (yes, paprika doesn’t happen much) and it will still be nice to water soy sauce for taste by the time when everything is stewed (with the second version of the recipe). Eventually it will turn out a juicy, soft beef stew with a pleasant taste. When served, you can sprinkle with fresh greens for beauty and taste.

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