Thin pancakes on milk

You will need
  • – Milk 250 ml
  • – Egg 1 piece
  • – Flour 100 g
  • – Sunflower oil 15 g
Milk is poured into the container, egg and flour are added. The resulting mass is stirred by the mixer. Sunflower oil is then added and stirred again. By consistency, the dough should turn out as liquid sour cream.


If the proportions failed and the consistency of the dough turned thick, milk should be added. Conversely, with too liquid dough, flour must be added.


That the first pancake does not turn out a com, the pan needs to be greased with a minimum amount of sunflower oil. On a well-heated pan poured dough in such quantity that when grazing on the pan turns out a thin layer. The thinner the layer of pancake dough on the pan, the greater the number of pancakes will turn out.


After thrusting the bottom layer, a sign of which is the lagging periphery of the pancake from the pan, it needs to be turned over.

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