Tasty vegetables can only be tastefully cooked: methods of preparing them

 Fresh vegetables filled with taste and nutrients are an important part of people’s nutrition. And there are several ways to enjoy them at their best.

 Any nutritionist will tell you that it is important for health to eat a variety of fruits, so take advantage of the abundance available in your area, and try something new.

The most famous methods of cooking vegetables.

Boiled Boil

is fast and easy to control, and the main secret is to use as little water as possible and avoid digesting. This will preserve all the vitamins and aroma.

For vegetables such as broccoli, it’s better to chop into equally sized pieces. Add boiling water to the pan, bring to the boil quickly, cover with a lid, then cook over a low heat until the vegetables are soft. To cook potatoes and other starchy roots such as parsnips and carrots evenly, place them in cold water and boil gently so the heat spreads evenly among the fruit .

Steamed cooking Steaming

vegetables is the best way to preserve flavor, color and vital nutrients. Just be careful not to oversteam them as it will make them soft and tasteless.

There are two methods of steaming:

  • freely put them in the steamer and cover with a lid, cook them on steamed in your own juice,
  • wrap in parchment or baking foil and then languish in the oven at 180 °C. This latter method is ideal for delicate foods such as asparagus.


Blanching is a technique used to soften vegetables, either to remove their raw edge before being added to salads.

And also this method is used to weaken the peel on products such as tomatoes or bell peppers.

Vegetables can be blanched before freezing, as this destroys the enzymes from which they spoil. Simply add the fruit to a pan of boiling water, bring to the boil again and cook for one minute. Then immerse the vegetables in water with ice to stop the cooking process. Dry and wet with a paper towel before drinking or freezing.


Fryture is suitable not only for familiar French fries – delicious will be cooked thus root vegetables, courgettes and tomatoes.

 Roasting works by enhancing flavour and caramelizing natural sugar, creating a clear outer coating and a gentle middle.

For best results, preheat the stove to 220 °C, and if you use root vegetables, heat the vegetable oil in advance for a good result. Slice large vegetables into equally sized pieces and add the olive oil and fresh herbs if you like.


When frying, very little oil is used, and vegetables are prepared quickly, so they retain their texture and taste.

 Cut the fruit into small pieces of the same size, add some oil to a preheated wok or frying pan. Start with the ones that require the longest cooking time and continue stirring while they are cooked. Do not overflow the pan as the products will be steamed rather than fry -cook better in batches. If you add sauce, do it at the very end.


With the beginning of the summer season, people around the world have a desire to prepare food in the fresh air. So, grill.

Grilled and grilled – these are methods of direct cooking, in which vegetables with a crispy crust and tender serding are obtained. For best results, make sure your barbecue pan or skewers are heated before starting work.

 Slice the vegetables and then lubricate them with a little oil. To get the effect of a striped grill, don’t move them while cooking – just turn them on once. And then the dish will be not just delicious and useful, but also very beautiful.

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