Simple recipe for homemade bread

Cooking bread is a long but interesting process. If you do everything strictly according to instructions, then the result will be stunning. All over the house will spread the aroma of fresh bread, and on the table there will be a beautiful air caravay with a crisp crust.

To make healthy bread, only natural products will be required. No factory yeast and preservatives can be introduced in the recipe. It will mess up the result.

Starting to bake bread is better with a classic recipe. He’s the simplest and most successful. Stuffing your hand, it will be possible to move to more complex options.

Ingredients for cooking the opaque

  • 2 tbsp homemade rye sourdough (it can be taken from acquaintances or grown independently)
  • 100 g rye flour
  • 100 ml boiled water room temperature

Ingredients for making homemade bread

  • 100 g rye flour
  • 200 g of first class flour (quantity can vary +- 50 g, it depends on gluten flour and its grinding)
  • 150 ml water
  • 1 tbsp sunflower oil
  • 1 tbsp sugar sand
  • 1.5 tsp salt
  • sunflower seeds, sesame seeds, pumpkin seeds or flax.

Instructions for preparing the opaque

  • Mix sourdough with water in a deep bowl.
  • Add rye flour to the main ingredients. Stir everything thoroughly.
  • To speed up the reaction, cover the bowl with a packet. Make 2 needle punctures in it so the opara can breathe.
  • Leave the dish for 7-8 hours, the ideal option is overnight, where the house is warmer than everything. In a comfortable temperature, the opara quickly huddles and falls. It’s a sign she’s ready to go.

Dough kneading

  1. Add to the opar of sugar sand and water. Stir.
  2. Send salt, sunflower oil, 100g rye flour to the same bowl. Mess everything thoroughly.
  3. It will turn out liquid dough. It is necessary to gradually pour flour of the first class, without stopping mixing. Once the dough stops sprawling, starts to keep the shape, you can stop mixing the flour. It should be much softer than dumpling dough and will stick to the hands a little bit.
  4. Grease your hands with sunflower oil, form a ball of dough. Put it into a baking mould, well in advance festooned with butter. For the caravan is suitable for a regular tray, but such a dough should be tighter, so that when the temperature rises does not become vague. It is much more convenient to work with Soviet rectangular shapes.
  5. Sprinkle with sunflower seeds, pumpkin, sesame seeds or flax seeds.
  6. Cover the shape with the batter towel or film, remove in a warm place for 2 ts.30 minutes.
  7. If the opara is strong, the dough will rise faster, so after one hour, you need to periodically look after the process of growth of the future bread. It’s important that it doesn’t stick to the film or towel. It’ll mess up the top of the crust. Once the bun has risen in half, it can be sent to the oven.
  8. Preheat the oven to 185-190 degrees. Choosing the temperature, it is necessary to push back from the power of the oven.
  9. After 1 hour, get the bread out of the oven. Put the shape with a bead on a cutting board covered with a wet towel. From a dramatic change in temperature, the bread will quickly move away from the walls and bottom of the baking tank.
  10. Extract the beech from the shape. Put it out on a dry, waffle towel.

Advice! You can’t cut a loaf hot. It is important to let the bread cool completely, otherwise the flesh will be a little moist.

Having tried to make bread according to this recipe, it will be difficult to stop. Fresh, homemade, fragrant bread will become a traditional treat on your table.

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