Simple chicken liver recipe in multivarke

You will need
  • – chicken liver, 1 briquette or tray;
  • – carrot, 1 piece;
  • – onion, 1 piece;
  • – soy sauce;
  • – bay leaf;
  • – paprika;
  • – salt and pepper.

For instant cooking the liver will need chicken. It is sold on trays or briquettes. Fresh liver rinse and cut into medium pieces.


Brush onions and carrots. Cut onions with half rings, and carrots – small bars.


Add a little vegetable oil to the multivooter and roast the liver for 10-15 minutes. After that, add onions and carrots and continue to fry for another 20 minutes. Stir our dish periodically.


After time, liver with vegetables solim, pepper, add a little soy sauce for flavor and bay leaf. We add half a glass of water and put in “simmer” mode for an hour. A tablespoon of paprika should also be added so that the liver and the underpinning are not pale, look more appetising. The liver is well suited to the side dish: potatoes, buckwheat or rice. Pleasant appetite!

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