Salad with figs

You’ll need
  • -3 figs
  • -100g arugula
  • salad -100g root salad
  • -100g parmesan or other hard cheese
  • -50g nuts
  • -3 tbsp olive oil
  • -1 tsp balsamic vinegar
  • -salt, pepper, curry to taste

Cheese cut on small cubes, put in a bowl. Rinse and discuss the figs, then divide with a sharp knife into several small parts, add to the cheese.


Rinse in running cold water the arugula salad and salad root, dry on a paper towel or put in a warm place so they dry natural way. After drying, trim or ruffle leaflets of these wonderful herbs, fold into one place.


Prepare the gas station. To do this, in a small container mix the olive oil, balsamic vinegar and spices such as pepper, salt and curry, mix all thoroughly. However, in addition to these spices you can use others, for example, if you are a lover of hot, you can add a little red pepper, if you like more exotic seasonings, then safely add them.


In a large dish, lay out the lettuce leaves, then add half the chopped cheese, fig pieces. Peel the nuts, grind them a little. Cashew nuts or walnuts are perfectly suited to this salad. Sprinkle with shredded nuts salad, pour the whole dish with dressing, stir, then garnish it with remaining cheese and serve to the table.

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