Recipes for spicy salads

Recipe for spicy chicken salad with cheese, pineapples and garlic


– 150 grams chicken meat;
– 100 grams Dutch cheese;
– 150 grams pineapple (canned);
– 4 — 5 cloves of garlic;
– 5 — 6 sprigs of fennel greens;
– 4 tablespoons mayonnaise;
– 1 bunch of watercress salad leaves (for decoration);
– black ground pepper;
– salt.

Chicken meat (preferably breast) boil and refrigerate. Cut into small strips. Pineapple peel and cut into cubes. Canned product can be used in slicing. Add fruit to meat.

Grate Dutch cheese on grater, preferably – on fine. Squeeze all the garlic to it. Finely chop the dill and add to the cheese too. Sprinkle the cheese mixture with black ground pepper. Add a little salt if necessary. Put the mayonnaise in the mixture and stir.

Combine the ready cheese mass with meat and pineapples. Stir gently again. Put the leaves of watercress salad on the dish. On top, shift the spicy salad.

Recipe for spicy salad in Russian


– half a kilo of carrots;
– 200 grams of black radish;
– ½ teaspoon of finished
grated horseradish; – 1 onion;
– sunflower oil;
– salt.

To soften the sharpness of the salad, you can refill it instead of butter with sour cream.

Carrots clean. Take a large grater and grate it. Do the same with black radish. Onion brush. Rinse in cold water. Chop arbitrarily.

Put carrots, radishes, onions and horseradish in the salad pan. Saline to taste and water with vegetable oil. Stir all the ingredients. This salad is able to enrich vitamins, protect against colds and increase body tone.

Salad “Bean Extravaganza”

This original spicy salad came from Mexican cuisine. To prepare it should take:

– 400 grams of chilli beans (green and yellow);
– 1 jar of beans (red);
– 1 small bunch of green onion;
– 1 pod of hot chilli pepper;
– 1 bunch lollo rosso salad;
– 200ml mustard dressing.

Calculation of ingredients per four servings.

To refill the salad you can use ready-made Dijon sauce, which is available in stores.

Bean pods wash and peel from threads. Pour water and salt. Cook for 15 minutes. Drain the water through a colander. Rinse with cold water. Cut each pod into two — three pieces.

Lettuce leaves narwhate in chunks. Cut the spring onion and a pod of chili peppers into thin rings. From the canned red beans, drain the brine and rinse it with water. Stir all the components of the salad gently and season with a mustard dressing.

The dressing for the spicy salad is prepared as follows. Olive oil should be combined with mustard and lemon juice, stir. One can use “French” mustard with whole grain.

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