Recipes for original patty toppings

Features baking patties

can be made from any dough – it can be cooked on its own or bought at the store. Fried patties can be made from fresh or sour dough, for baking use yeast or puff. Don’t make pies too big – the little pieces look prettier and are better baked.

Divide the dough into small lumps and then roll out with a rolling pin into tortillas. In the center of each place the filling and gently protect the edges. Baked patties can be made semi-open, fried should be fastened more securely. If you plan to bake yeast dough pies, spread them on a baking tray and let distance. Bake the products in an oven preheated to 200oS. They roast pies in heated vegetable oil until the formation of a ruddy crust.

To make baked patties turn ruddy, grease their surface with an egg whipped with water before settling.

Recipes of original toppings for pies

Stuffing of potatoes and mushrooms

Try to prepare a delicious filling of potatoes and pickled mushrooms – it is suitable for both baked in the oven and for fried cakes made of yeast pastry.

You will need:
– 3 potatoes;
– 250 g pickled mushrooms
– 1 bulb
– vegetable oil for frying
– salt
– freshly ground black pepper.

Wash the potatoes thoroughly with a brush, boil it and drain it, turning into a steep puree. Drain the liquid from a can of pickled mushrooms. Cut the onion finely and roast in preheated vegetable oil. Then lay the crushed mushrooms to the onion and fry still 5 minutes. Mix the toasting with the purée, add salt and pepper to taste. Cool the filling and proceed to form patties.

Filling of greens

in summer you can prepare patties with vitamin filling of fresh greens. In action will go any spicy greens – dill, parsley, cilantro, celery, green onion. Rinse the greens thoroughly, discuss it on a towel and then slice finely and fold into a deep bowl. Season the mixture with a couple of spoons of cooking oil and add a handful of pomegranate grains. Stir everything thoroughly – vitamin summer filling is ready.

Pomegranate grains can be replaced with a small amount of diluted citric acid.

Sorrel stuffing

In early summer, sweet patties with sorrel leaves can be prepared – to taste they are a little reminiscent of apple. Use only young plants – old leaves become stiff and fibrous.

You will need:
– bundle of young sorrel;
– sugar to taste.

Wash the sorrel leaves together with the petioles and then cut them into small pieces. In a deep bowl, mix the greens with the sugar. This filling is suitable for pastries of yeast dough, fried in oil. Serve baking warm together with freshly brewed tea.

Bean stuffing

hearty and unusual filling – roasted beans. Such products can be made salty and sweet. If you prefer the sweet option, instead of squalls and garlic, add butter to the beans and then shave the filling with sugar to taste. Patties can be made of sour or fresh dough, they are better oven in the oven.

You will need:
– 1 cup white beans;
– 100 g pork lard;
– 2 cloves of garlic;
– salt.

Soak the beans overnight and then boil in salted water until soft. Drain the water. Lard finely cut and melt in the pan, leaving toasted squalls. Put the beans in the pan and mix well. Garlic brush, grind and add to the filling. Stick the mixture to taste, cool and fill the patties.

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