Recipes for light Christmas salads

Carrot salad with nuts and ginger

– 4 carrots;
– 4 walnuts;
– 3 cm root ginger;
– 2 sour sweet apples;
– 20 g honey;
– 30 ml lemon juice;
– 70 ml olive oil.

Peel the root of the ginger and rub it on a shallow grater. Rastolkite in stupa or coffee grinder walnut kernels. Cut the peel from the apple, cut the cores, cut the fruit flesh with straws. Coarsely rub the carrots. Combine all prepared products in a beautiful salad plate. Whisk separately the honey, lemon juice and olive oil and refill with this salad mixture.

Light New Year salad with citrus

– 2 oranges;
– 2.5
tangerines; – quarter lemon;
– 4-5 leaves of green or Chinese salad;
– 70 g cheese with blue mold, such as dorble;
– 2 tsp brown sugar
– 50 ml olive oil.

Free the oranges and two tangerines from the skins and separate the juicy slices from the dividing films. Slice the cheese into small cubes. Squeeze the juices from the tangerine halves and the lemon quarters. Mix them until smooth with olive oil and sugar. Wash and dry the lettuce leaves, tear them with your fingers and zip up the flat dish. Put the citrus slices on top, cheese and pour with dressing.

Spicy low-calorie salad for Christmas table Ingredients: – 2 sour and sweet apples; – 2 stalks of

– 150 g of hard unsweet cheese;
– half of lemon;
– 100 g low-fat natural yogurt;
– 30 ml olive oil;
– 40 g walnuts;
– 1/3 tsp turmeric and ground allspice;
– 20 g parsley;
– salt.

Cut the seed-peeled apples into triangular slices and splash them with lemon juice. Grind the celery stalks and parsley leaves. Rub the cheese on a large grater. Fold everything into a deep capacity. Mix the yogurt with olive oil, spices and salt and pour the resulting bright yellow sauce the rest of the salad. Sprinkle it with walnuts before serving itself.

Holiday salad with shrimp

– 400 g peeled boiled ice-cream shrimp
– small red bulb; – 150 g pitted olives
– 2 tomatoes;
– bell pepper;
– mature avocado;
– lemon;
– lime;
– 25 ml apple cider vinegar
– salt.

Boil the water, scatter a little salt in it and scar the defrosted shrimp, turn them on a colander. Finely chop the bulb and marinate it in vinegar for 10 minutes. Slice the tomatoes and bell peppers into cubes, olives and shrimps – into quarters. Muddle the avocado flesh with a fork and splash with lemon juice to keep the green colour. Stir everything in a large bowl, pour the remaining lemon juice in there, lime juice and salt to taste.

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