Recipes for hot meals for a special case

Honey duck stuffed with apples and raisins The

following ingredients are required:

– duck — 1.5 kg;
– Green apples — 800 g;
– Basil – ½ tsp;
– natural honey – 2 tbsp;
– raisins – 200-250 g;
– turmeric – ½ tsp;
– black ground pepper – 1/3 tsp;
– olive oil – 50 ml;
– salt – to taste.

Gutted duck carcass should be rinsed thoroughly, washed with a napkin and grated nicely with a mixture of salt, pepper and turmeric inside and outside the carcass. Then place the duck in an enamelled container and leave to soak with spices for about an hour.

Green apples (not sweet) should be washed, cut into slices, removing pre-core. Raisins should be rinsed and mixed with slices of apples. Stuff the duck carcass with apples with raisins and chip the abdomen with wooden sleeves (or sew the carcass with threads).

Natural honey should be mixed with rosemary and a small amount of olive oil and this composition grease the surface of the duck carcass. Place the duck on a deep baking tray and bake in the oven for 1.5-2 hours. Once the crust is befriended, cover the carcass with foil on top to prevent it from burning. Periodically it is necessary to water the duck while baking with leftover honey sauce and dried fat. Ready duck free from spatula or threads, put on a festive dish, take out the apples with raisins and spread them around the duck.

Chicken with mushrooms and prunes To prepare this dish, you will need the

following ingredients:

– chicken fillet – 1 kg;
– champignons – 200 g;
– mustard – 7 g;
– olive oil – 30 g;
– prunes – 10-15 pcs. ;
– Parmesan cheese – 150 g;
– soy sauce – 50 ml;
– shallots – 1 pcs. ;
– sour cream – 200 g;
– honey – 15 g;
– salt – to taste.

Chicken fillets should be rinsed, made deep cuts in the shape of pockets in the meat and placed in the marinade. To prepare the marinade it is necessary to mix soy sauce in a bowl with honey, salt and mustard, thoroughly stir the composition until the honey is completely dissolved and, having deceived this mixture of chicken fillet, leave the meat in a bowl with marinade for 20 minutes.

The prunes are pre-needed to be poured with hot water and left for a while to swell. Next, cut the prune in half and remove the bone from it. The shallots should be freed from the husks, rinse the heads with cold water and cut them into straws. Champignons should be wiped with a napkin, cut into thin plates and save mushrooms with shallots on olive oil.

Parmesan cheese needs to be grated on a grater. Now you can do the preparation of the tray, for this purpose you should grease it with olive oil. And only after that can be put on a baking tray of marinated chicken fillet, in the cuts of which should be placed fried mushrooms. Then on top of the meat you need to put halves of prunes and onion straws. And only after that can be watered with sour cream and sprinkled abundantly with grated parmesan.

The tray with chicken fillet should be placed in the oven, which should be heated to 180°C. Bake the dish for 35-40 minutes. From the finished fillet should remove the spatula and put on a large dish.

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