Recipe for mantas with potato


dough For manta

milling, knead the cool dough from the following components:

– Chicken eggs (1 pcs)
– wheat flour (350 g)
– cold water (0.5 cups)
– table salt (1 pinch) .$

Break the egg into a bowl, pour water and dissolve salt in it. In small portions, enter the sifted flour into the liquid and knead the dough for 20-25 minutes. If necessary, add more flour. When the dough stops sticking to your hands, dismiss it on a cutting board, cover with a cotton napkin and allow a little rest. While it’s reaching, go into manta stuffing.

Sift through any flour, including a high-end store, which is cleaned before packing. When passing through the sieve, lumps formed during the long storage of the product are removed, and the flour is saturated with oxygen.

Mantas with potatoes and lard

To make minced mantas, prepare such a set of products:

– potatoes (800 g)
– fresh pork lard (100 g);
– onion (200 g);
– salt table and ground black pepper to taste.

If necessary, pre-freeze at room temperature and break very finely. Peel the vegetables and just as grind with a knife. Mix lard, onions and potatoes, salt everything and pepper to your taste. Take charge of making mantas.

Immediately after cooking ground from raw potatoes, start moulding mantas, otherwise vegetables will give juice and the dough will wet.

Roll out the dough into a 0.5cm thick flatbread and cut it into squares with sides of approximately 10x10cm. Put 1 tablespoon of vegetable filling into the middle of each workpiece, join the tips of square figures diagonally. Latch them so that the mantas become oblong.

Heat the water in the mantle, dip the bottom of each dough product into sunflower oil and spread the semi-finished products on the grid. Sealingly close the lid of the dishes and treat the dish with hot steam for half an hour. Place the ready mantas in a plate, pour with ghee butter and optionally garnish with chopped fennel and parsley greens.

Lenten mantas with potatoes and other vegetables

Adherents of the lean kitchen can knead dough without eggs and fill the mantas with vegetable mixture. When kneading, act the same as in the recipe of a quick dish, only chicken egg replace 2 tablespoons of vegetable refined oil. For minced meat take:

– cabbage (1/3 fork);
– medium-sized carrots (1 pc);
– potatoes (4-5 tubers);
– bulb (1 pc) ;
– salt cooked to taste;
– vegetable oil for dressing.

Rinse vegetables, peel and finely break with a knife. Carrots can be ground on a grater. Mix all components of the filling, salt to taste and shave with vegetable oil. Form mantas and cook them in the mantysh as usual.

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