Raw eating recipes: vegetarian and lean cuisine

Lenten kitchen for cheese-eaters: soup without cooking

The transition to raw eating does not mean you will have to eat unprocessed foods or the same salads. There are a huge number of recipes for cheese-eaters that will help make up a full-fledged lunch. For example, a hot dish can be replaced with cold pumpkin and lentil puree soup. For it you will need such products:

– sprouted red lentils (2 handfuls);
– cilantro (1 bundle);
– pumpkin (0.5 kg);
– curry seasoning.

Choose a young melon crop with orange flesh, weighing no more than 5-7 kg – in such pumpkin the most fructose and carotene. Peel it from crusts and core, cut the flesh into slices and squeeze the juice with a juicer. Put the lentils in it, half a bunch of cilantro, curry to taste and scroll the resulting mixture in a blender to a homogeneous pure-shaped mass. Pour the soup into a plate and garnish with chopped greens with the remaining cilantro.

Many dishes for cheese-eaters came to Russia from Indian cuisine, which is famous for spicy seasonings. Optionally, you can replace them with light spices, for example, use cinnamon instead of curry.

Beet botva phali Normally the famous Georgian snack – pkhali

– is made on the basis of boiled spinach, beetroot or ecala (prickly) herbaceous plant with edible juicy shoots). In the recipe for cheese-eating cuisine you can use beetroot botva and omit the thermal treatment of products. For this dish take:

– walnuts (1 cup);
– chopped beetroot botva (5 glasses);
– cilantro (1 bunch);
– garlic (1 clove);
– table salt to taste;
– freshly squeezed juice lemon (2 tablespoons).

Hammer walnut kernels in a food processor, then scroll together with chopped cilantro, beet bots (green parts only!) , pressed with garlic. Stick the resulting puree to taste and refill with freshly squeezed lemon juice. If desired, it can be replaced with sour wine or a small amount of wine vinegar. Once again, rehammer all the phali ingredients until the mixture resembles pate. Form from balls, spread them on a serving dish and garnish with pomegranate grains. Serve with slices of raw vegetables – Bulgarian sweet peppers, cucumbers, tomatoes, purple onions.

Doctors do not recommend permanent raw eating as it is fraught with serious digestive disorders, lack of proteins and minerals. However, temporary cheese-eating posts help to remove toxins and get rid of excess weight.

Almond ice cream for cheese-eaters

A light dessert of raw fruits and nuts will bring a pleasant variety to the lean cheese-eating menu. To prepare ice cream you need:

– ripe kiwi (4 fruits);
– bananas (7 pcs.) ;
– cocoa powder (25 g);
– almonds (1 handful).

Peel the fruit, cut the kiwis into thin semicircles and spread out into cremanks. Scroll the first half of the bananas into the purée using a blender and place portionally in containers on top of the kiwi. Don’t mix the layers of fruit! Mix the remaining bananas with cocoa powder to produce a pure-shaped uniform mass, then lay it out in the cremanks with the top layer. Grind the almonds in a mill and garnish the ice cream with a nut crumb. Keep the treat on the frost until thickened for about 1-1.5 hours.

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