Pork befstroganov in tomato sour cream sauce

Preparation of meat for making befstroganov from pork

– 600 g pork;
– 3 tbsp flour;
– 1/3 tsp fine salt.
– vegetable oil.

Lean meat, such as tenderloin, loin, loin, loin, is best suited for befstroganov from pork. If you have taken a greasy neck or a scapula, then don’t cull it, dish it and so turn out soft.

Wash the pork thoroughly and discuss with a paper towel. Cut it, but not with noodles, as advised in the vast majority of recipes, but rather large rectangular bars 2-3 cm thick, so that the meat is left juicy after roasting. Whip the pieces, but only lightly without turning them into rags, and fold into a plastic bag.

Mix the flour with salt and pour this mixture into the pork semi. Shake the convolution a few times, warming it up slightly with your hands so that the dry mass will completely scrape all the pieces, blocking the muscle fibers and protecting the meat from losing juice when cooking. Transfer the contents of the package into a colander or sieve and shake to remove the excess flour.

Roll the pan over a high heat and pour vegetable oil into it. After a minute, put the slices of pork in there, but not very tight, and hold them like that for a minute. Flip them in the same order as being laid to roast the same way. After another minute, lay the pieces on the plate.

Tomato sour cream sauce for befstroganov pork

– 3 tbsp butter;
– 2 medium bulbs;
– 1 tbsp flour;
– 1 tbsp broth;
– 2 tbsp sour cream ;
– 2 tbsp tomato paste;
– 1 tsp mustard;
– pinch of black ground pepper;
– 1/3 tsp dried thyme;
– 0.5-1 tsp salt.

Sour cream cannot be added to the sauce at once, otherwise it will stratify, and the appearance and taste of the dish will be spoiled. For the same reason you should not warm up the befstroganes, it should be served and eat immediately after cooking.

Peel and grind the bulbs. Melt the butter in a deep pan and roast the onion in it until soft. Toss the flour in there, mix everything well and add the prepared meat. Season it with thyme, pepper and salt to taste and swallow a little. Whisk in a separate utensils sour cream with tomato paste and mustard, scatter this mixture with cold broth and pour in the pork.

Stir the befstroganes in tomato sour cream sauce for about a minute, then remove the dishes from the heat, cover it with a lid and let stand for about 2 minutes.

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