Pie with brynza, spinach and tomatoes

You will need
  • – 0.5 kg yeastless puff pastry;
  • – 2 eggs;
  • – 200 g cherry tomatoes;
  • – 200 g spinach;
  • – 400 g brynza;
  • – 2 tbsp butter;
  • – seasoning “Provence herbs” to taste
  • Instructions

    Defrost the finished dough at room temperature. In a frying pan, melt 1-2 tbsp butter. Add the spinach in there (fresh or canned), put out under the closed lid for 5 minutes.


    Rub the cheese on the grater, put the eggs in there. Mix the mass well. Cut the tomatoes into 2 slices. Subtly roll out the dough.


    In the oiled mold, lay out a layer of pastry. Rotate the edges to turn out a neat skirting. Put the filling in layers.
    1 layer — grated brynza,
    2 layer — braised spinach,
    3 layer — tomatoes.


    Salt the top layer of the pie and sprinkle with herbs. Put the mold in a preheated to 180oS oven. Bake for 25-30 minutes. Ready pie take out, let cool, cut into portions.

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