Philadelphia Rolls at home conditions

You’ll need
  • – 10 sheets of nori algae
  • – half a pack of rice for sushi
  • – 200 g salmon fillet
  • – 2 cucumbers
  • – cream cheese (can use cheese brand “Hochland”)
  • – wasabi
  • – rice vinegar
  • ginger
  • – soy sauce

  • – special plate for making rolls.

Boil the rice, add the rice vinegar to it and let it cool. Peel the cucumbers and cut into a small straws. Gently slice squares of salmon fillets. Get the seaweed and slice it under the size of your rolls.


Put the rice on top of it, put a leaf of algae on top of it. Put the cucumbers and cheese. Start to roll the sheet, the resulting seam soften with water and glue together. Snuggling tightly, twist the pin, when unfolding you have to turn out a neat roll.


Top on the roll, smear the wasabi. Put the pieces of fish all over the roll, and roll again, the fish should glue to the rice. Put the roll on a leaf of algae and roll again and your Philly roll is ready. Pleasant to you enjoyment of a wonderful dish.

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