Pearl cereal cutlets with curd cheese

You’ll need
  • – 200 g of pearl grits;
  • – half of a large bulb;
  • – a little dried greens;
  • – egg;
  • – 50 g of curd cheese;
  • – breadcrumbs;
  • – salt, pepper.

Boil pearl in slightly salted water for 40 minutes. To make the pearl quickly boiled and was delicious and crumbly, it is necessary to soak it in a pan of cold water for 15-20 minutes in advance. Drain the water and dump the grits on a colander.


Finely cut the onion, stir with cheese and egg. You can turn several times in a blender with knives.


Then mix this mass with pearl grits, breadcrumbs and greens. All solim and peppery. Made of this mass of cutlets. From the resulting mass will turn out somewhere about 12 pieces. Cutlets can be served with any sauce.


You can make a sauce of carrots and cream. Grate on grater carrots, simmer in a pan on butter, then add cream, heat, add salt and pepper. Then all whip in a blender.

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