Pance-curd terrine

You will need
  • – 3 eggs;
  • – 500 ml milk;
  • – 2 tbsp sugar, which is made when preparing pancakes or filling;
  • – ½ tsp salt;
  • – 3 tbsp vegetable oil
  • – butter (to lubricate pancakes)
  • – 200 g raspberries
  • – 50 g milk chocolate
  • – 350 g curd
  • – 250 g mascarpone;
  • – 80 g sour
  • cream

  • – milk cream
  • – 10 g gelatin
  • – 80 g white chocolate.

First prepare the pancake dough. To do this you will need a special container in which you have to break eggs, also add salt and sugar. Stir everything with a whisk. In there add milk, vegetable oil and flour and stir everything. After that, you should turn out dough, which is easy to pour.


Further heat a well pan and grease it with vegetable oil. Now you can bake pancakes. Every pancake don’t forget to grease with butter.


Then cook the berry. If you had it in your freezer, get it and defrost. After that, make a uniform mass of berries with the help of a blender. Put dark chocolate in the microwave and melt it, for this, be sure to add boiled water to it.


You can then be mistaken for the preparation of the filling. To prepare it you will need cottage cheese and sugar. Mix all ingredients. There you need to add mascarpone (cheese made from cottage cheese) and pour sour cream. Stir everything.


In a special shape you need to lay out pancakes. This needs to be done so that the edges of the pancakes dangle out of shape. Add gelatin to the cream. To keep it swooning, leave for three minutes. After swell, heat and stir. Then cool and add the cottage cheese filling. Then it is necessary to stir all the ingredients with the help of a mixer. 1/3 part of the pancakes. Cover all with pancakes on top.


Divide the leftover curd filling equally. In one half put the berries and stir. In the other half, put the melted chocolate and also stir. Put a second layer on the pancakes. And on top cover everything with pancakes.


The third layer will consist of a chocolate, curd filling. Top also cover everything with pancakes. And put in the fridge for three hours.


Then you need to make a terrine cream. Heat the cream, and then melt the white chocolate in it. Once it has cooled, you need to add berries and stir all ingredients. When three hours pass, turn the terrine over to the dish. The top should be watered with chocolate-raspberry cream. For decoration you can use leftover berries.

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