On the benefits of fish and seafood;

It was

also recently revealed that seafood is particularly beneficial to melancholics and even able to guard against depression. Fish (especially marine) and seafood are rich in manganese, phosphorus, zinc, iodine, iron, selenium, calcium, fat-soluble vitamins. One study found that a person who regularly eats boiled fish has more gray matter in his brain, which contains nerve cells that control our emotions , memory, and ability to make correct decisions.

From seafood it is necessary to eat sea cabbage, you can choose squid, mussels, oysters, etc. The majority in fish fat, and especially liver fat, are vitamins group A and D. Fish is also the main source of B vitamins, the amount of which is roughly the same as in animal meat. In terms of trace elements, marine fish is many times ahead of beef, pork, lamb.

Researchers at US Tufts University have calculated that a person needs to consume at least 230 grams of seafood per week. According to WHO’s recommendation, unsaturated fats should be approximately 20 -25% of the daily requirement of the body. Omega-3 fatty acids, which most favorably affects the quality of the human brain. It turned out that the lack of Omega-3 fatty acids leads to cognitive decline.

That is, attention is dissipated, memory is broken, decision-making function is stuck. Out of competition remains the cod liver. Juice, which stands out in the process of preservation, contains more than thirty grams of acids in one hundred grams of the product. The liver itself is 10 to 25 grams. The consumption rate is 3 to 5 grams of liver, or 1.5 grams of juice (oil).

It is enough to add some cod liver or juice to the salad (any other dish) and the daily norm will be ensured. Such useful culinary images are particularly fruitful to affect the younger organism.

The rating rich in omega-3 acids includes also (g/100 g)

Haddock โ€” 50.4

Saida โ€” 43.5

Flounder โ€” 34

Tooth โ€” 27.

Typical fish species included in the ranking:

mackerel โ€” 25

Herring and sprat โ€” 25.5

Trout sea โ€” 24.2

Sea bass โ€” 24.

Buy better frozen seafood (unless you live near the sea).

1. They are fresh only on the day of the catch.

2.Without proper treatment, small parasites living in seafood may be left. Which may well penetrate your body. At shock freezing (temperature below 40 C) their larvae are destroyed, but the beneficial properties of the product will remain. Buying seafood be sure to pay attention to the amount of ice in the pack. It should be minimal! Excess ice means freezing the product repeatedly. Bad signal – white spots on shrimp panzir (they repeatedly defrosted).

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