Octopus Galician with baked potatoes

You will need
  • For two servings:
  • – octopus – 1 kg;
  • – potatoes – 3 tuber;
  • – three garlic cloves;
  • – olive oil – 3 tbsp
  • ;

  • – cayenne pepper – to taste;
  • – salt – to taste too.

Cut potatoes large slices, spread on a baking tray. Squirt with olive oil, remove in the oven, warmed to 220 degrees. Cook for 30-45 minutes (depends on the size of the potatoes).


Put boiling water. Remove from octopus beak, eyes, insides, rinse underwater. Take the octopus by the head, lower for a minute into boiling water. Repeat the procedure when the water reboils. So do 3-4 times – it will “harden” the skin, it won’t dangle shaggy. Leave to cook the octopus for 20-25 minutes.


Heat olive oil on a pan, cut the garlic into small bars, roast until golden color, then discard. Leave the pan on the stove.


Ready octopus cut rings, spread potatoes on a platter, put the octopus on top, pour salt, cayenne pepper. Pour with warm garlic oil. Pleasant appetite!

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