Liver cake with green

You’ll need
  • – 1 kg beef liver
  • – 5 eggs
  • – 1 tbsp flour
  • – 1 cup milk
  • – 200 g hard cheese
  • – parsley, green onion, dill
  • – mayonnaise
  • – garlic
  • – pickled cucumber

Raw liver pass through the grinder. In the resulting mince add flour, eggs, milk and 1/2 teaspoon salt. Beat to a homogeneous mass. Bake in a pan like pancakes until golden crust. For the cake to turn out not too high, 7-9 layers will suffice. Try to keep the corgis from being thick, ideally – 2-3 mm.


For the filling, mix the mayonnaise, finely chopped greens and garlic. Smear this cream between the resulting corgis. Leave a little mixture to decorate the top. To give a more delicate taste to the cream, grated cheese can be added on a fine grater. Before laying the last corge, lay thinly sliced plates of pickle on the cream.


Smear the top corge and side of the resulting cake. It is better before consumption to stand 1-1.5 hours in order for the corgis to soak well with cream. Before serving, sprinkle on the table with greens. Sideways decorate with parsley leaves.

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