Lenten rice

You will need
  • Basmati rice โ€” 300 g,
  • carrots โ€” 150 g,
  • vegetable oil โ€” 70 ml,
  • garlic โ€” 4 slices, fennel
  • greens โ€” 30 g,
  • salt, better sea -1 tsp
  • Instruction

    First thing wash the carrots and rub it on the grater. Then roast it on vegetable oil, no more than 2-3 minutes. Oil for roasting offered not a little, it will not spoil the taste. Passing is better done in a deep container, with a thick bottom. Cook rice in the same dishes.


    Rice rinse well in several waters. Discuss and place to the carrots. Stir so that the rice is covered with oil. Prospect mass for a minute. Pour rice with boiling water, determine the amount experienced. The water should rise above the rice by 1 cm.


    Heat the pan reduce, cook at a slightly open lid. Cooking time 17-20 minutes.


    Cook the garlic, peel it, crush the flat side of a wide knife and finely crumble. Break the greens finely.


    In practically finished rice lay out the garlic and greens. Turn off the fire, cover the lid tightly. After 5 minutes, stir the contents in the pan. Lenten rice can be served on the table.

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